Miyerkules, Abril 8, 2009

TURBOCHARGER - giving your ride the best kind of ZOOM!!!

I received a call from my brother in US, he have been updating me with what's new in this field blah blah blah! He was talking about upgrading his mobile phone, his laptop and his car. WHAT? So what's about this car upgrading thing??? Fascinating. Indeed, that it really caught my attention.

He (my bro) said that he had just upgraded his car and what a big help it really was. He was talking to me about air induction and oxygen and its relationship to help enhance the performance of a car. He actually mentioned about turbocharger and turbo professionals - and the way I'm listening, these thing he's telling me seems to be very interesting. He said that air induction is actually a major component in every auto mobile and that oxygen he added is a major factor in every automotive performance.He further explained that by forcing air into the system either with a supercharger or turbocharger the horsepower, torque and other automotive components can be tremendously improved.

Where in the world could he have possibly learn all these? That's when he told me to check out the site - , this site actually features all we want to know about air induction in automobiles and the likes. I actually had a chat with some of my friends and told them about it. I even told them to check the site themselves to learn more about the kind of turbocharger that fits their ride. Till then, .... hey wait, why don't you try to check it for yourself, you might wanna upgrade your cars as well.


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nice post~!! TODO NATO!!!