Lunes, Mayo 18, 2009



The symptoms of swine flu are broadly the same as those of ordinary flu, but may be more severe and cause more serious complications.

The typical symptoms are:

Other symptoms may include:

- headache
- tiredness
- chills
- aching muscles
- limb or joint pain
- diarrhoea or stomach upset
- sore throat
- runny nose
- sneezing
- loss of appetite

If the flu becomes pandemic, potentially, everyone is at risk because few people, if any at all, will have immunity (resistance) to it.

If you have any of these symptoms but a flu pandemic has not been announced, you could have seasonal flu.

Linggo, Mayo 17, 2009

Malou's dilemma ...

Used to be when I was still a medical representative I often have a difficult time making my booth presentable every time there are round table discussions, lectures, seminars and conferences. I have innovate and be resourceful, aside from thinking all the pressures I get every time I think of my sales quota I get to be pressured with things like this.

My friend Malou who used to be in the same company where I used to be working is now based in the US. We talked of different things we used to be doing when we were still in the same company. She said she is still working in the pharmaceutical industry as of now. And guess what, a great relief in her work! She was able to encounter this site in the net -> . She said this has helped her a lot in her work. Everytime there are conventions and the likes she always can depend on them of the thing she need like pipes and drapes for her booth, banner stands for every product for promotion and even table skirts . It's like unloading on them some tasks which are equally important in your job and making your self more focused on some other important thing. It's really a relief!!!

Malou even recommended the site to some of her friends who needed to arrange for trade show booths . Well, anyway Im honestly happy for my friend now. Goodluck Malou!!! I'm hoping to see you again soon, probably in the other part of the globe. Love yah!

Biyernes, Mayo 15, 2009

Deployment date moved to MAY 29 !!!


Stoned by the news I received today. Our deployment date was moved to May 29 instead of May 17. Which means I am stranded in Manila for quite a period of time. I am just actually taking things proactively. That is conditioning my mind that the delay would mean ample of time for me to know more of Metro Manila, that would have to entail a lot of strolling and walking and bar hopping and probably some beer drinking sessions. Hmmm I'm starting to find it fascinating.

To all my friends in Davao. I'm starting to miss you guyz, but I know we will soon be seeing again, Singapore? Right? Till then.

Huwebes, Mayo 14, 2009


It was late part of 2008 when David Cook announced that he will possibly come to Manila on the first quarter of 2009. Everybody got so excited then, yet, he was not able to show up maybe due to other priorities and constraints.

And then just few weeks ago, not sure if the announcement came directly from Jomari Yllana, but there were hearsays that he’ll be the one producing David Cook’s concert and this time, he’ll be with David Archuleta.

With the recent happenings and updates, I think the long wait is over as David Cook and David Archuleta made a confirmation through their video blog entry (which can also be found on youtube).

David Cook, winner of season 7 of American Idol, is coming to Manila soon, together with his runner-up David Archuleta. The upcoming concert will be on May 16 at the SM Mall of Asia Open Grounds.

Sabado, Mayo 2, 2009

A FORCE TO RECKON - Manny Pacquiao

It took him 359 seconds to say to the entire world that he is still the best person there is in as far as the boxing arena is concerned. The whole of Las Vegas has just witness the clash of two both deserving fighters and one emerged victorious in a total knock out fight.

Ricky Hatton found himself on the ground losing the fight and failing the entire of his british fans. Meanwhile the Pacquiao supporters have been chanting loudly Pacquiao's name as a sign of vocal admiration. Manny Pacquiao is definitely a force to reckon with.

In as far as the boxing world is concerned the words - MANNY PACQUAIO is not just a name of a boxer, it also means GREAT BOXING POWER!!!