Huwebes, Enero 29, 2009


Noticeably, my days have been longer than usual. Every day for me at work is slowly becoming a long tiring day.Every single day is always on the rush. At long last the kiwanis michigan mission in dmc is over with 7 patients taking the chance of availing the very expensive mitral valve replacement. A procedure which cost around 600 to 700 thousand pesos. ain't cheap huh?
Tomorrow will be the culmination of a week long medical mission. The michigan medical practitioners will be leaving and my unit will hopefully go back to normal. I will need to rush though the making of my unit's policy,my supervisor have already been mocking me on that. It's kinda hard chasing all the deadlines but I think that's just work, you have got to learn to live with it...
Honestly... just really wanna sleep and do nothing.

Martes, Enero 27, 2009


I know its been quiet awhile that I haven't had any updates on my blog. It has been an awfully busy month for me. Had to go to manila for a n important appointment and had to be focused for the Michigan Mission in DMC. But I think that's just life sometimes you get a little cranky and tossed up with some important things that you need to deal with. But honestly, I really missed you guyzzz!!!!!
But don't you worry, the fun I had when I went to manila?? It will definitely be in my blog, NEXT WEEK!!!
Take care you guyzzzz!!!!

Miyerkules, Enero 7, 2009


Getting ready for some smashing action!

Jong in action!

With my badminton buddies...

Getting some air...


Biyernes, Enero 2, 2009


Woke up late this morning, prayed a little and started roaming my eyes around the corners of my small house.Noticeably IKAY my lovely pet is amazingly quiet during that morning. Fascinating because I haven't seen a drop of her pee in my floor and not even a stain of her yucky "poopoo".
And whats more strange is that she doesn't seem so noisy during that morning. She used to be so untiringly barking during the early times of the morning. Well I thought she has totally gained some manners, and she's just trying to behave the way I want her too.
So routinely, I got her bottle of vitamins which she liked so much. I got a dropper washed it clean and had a dose of IKayz vitamins.. And what a beeeyatchh ikay truly is!!! inside her mouth was a portion of the cord of my nokia mobile phone!!! She had it torned into pieces the whole night! No wonder she's so extra ordinarily behaved during that morning....
Bad dog! Bad Ikay!

...POETS' corner


For everything there must come a last.

A last minute, a last hour, a last month, day, or year.

A last drink, a last coke, a last tequila, scotch, or beer.

A last love, a last heart, a last kiss, hug, or rage...

Or even the last words written on a page.

But the worst last thing is your last breath
because what is to follow will surely be your death.