Martes, Disyembre 30, 2008

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This is the end
We both know about it
Our love is dead
We never thought about it.
Now we know
That we can't stay together
Coz you are for him
And i am here forever.

'bet you know this...


by Carrie Underwood

She was driving last Friday on her way to Cincinnati on a snow white Christmas Eve
Going home to see mama and her daddy with the baby in the backseat
50 miles to go and she was running low, on faith and gasoline
It'd been a long, hard year
She had a lot on her mind and she didn't pay attention, she was going way to fast
Before she knew it she was spinning on a thin black sheet of glass
She saw both their lives flash before her eyes, she didn't even have time to cry
She was sooo scared, she threw her hands up in the air

Jesus take the wheel, take it from my hands, ‘cuz I can’t do this on my own
I’m letting go, so give me one more chance, save me from this road I’m on
Jesus take the wheel

It was still getting colder when she made it to the shoulder, and the car came to a stop
She cried when she saw that baby in the backseat sleeping like a rock
And for the first time in a long time, she bowed her head to pray
She said I’m sorry for the way I’ve been living my life
I know I’ve got to change, so for now on tonight

Jesus take the wheel, take it from my hands, ‘cuz I can’t do this on my own
I’m letting go, so give me one more chance, save me from this road I’m on
Oooh Jesus take the wheel
Oooh I’m letting go, so give me one more chance, save me from this road I’m on
From his road I’m on
Jesus take the wheel
Oooh take it, take it from me

Lunes, Disyembre 29, 2008


Hi guyz... this is Ikay. I dont know exactly what his breed is but what was said to me was that she belongs to the bloodlines of the big labrador. She is still 6 weeks and she's quite big at that age.
I had just given her a deworming pill and those small thingy from her tummy are hopefully gone, for now I guess. Ikay is so lazy, the routine is always - a sleep after a big sumptuous meal., soundz like me.. jejeje..
Anywayz, I'll keep you posted as Ikay grows older



and lonely...

'bet u know this...


Linggo, Disyembre 28, 2008

BADMINTON...what about it?


Badminton, game for two or four players using lightweight rackets and a shuttlecock, a cork ball fitted with stabilizing feathers. Players hit the shuttlecock back and forth over a net, trying to keep it from hitting the ground. Some people play badminton outdoors on a level grassy area or beach. However, tournament-level badminton is played indoors on a specially marked court.

Badminton’s governing body, the International Badminton Federation (IBF), has about 140 member nations. The IBF estimates that about 200 million people play the game worldwide and that more than 1,000 players participate in international competition. Badminton’s growth accelerated after the game’s debut as a medal sport during the 1992 Summer Olympic Games. China, Denmark, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and South Korea are just a few of the countries where badminton is popular.


International rules state that an indoor badminton court must be rectangular, with white lines marked on a level wooden floor or on a special mat that is rolled onto a level playing surface. A singles court is 44 ft (13.41 m) long and 17 ft (5.18 m) wide. For doubles, alleys 1 ft 6 in (0.46 m) wide along the two longer sides of the court come into play, making the court 20 ft (6.10 m) wide. Because many shots fly high into the air, there must be clearance of at least 30 ft (9.14 m) above the court. A net stretched across the middle of the court has a top edge set to a height of 5 ft (1.52 m) at the center and 5 ft 1 in (1.55 m) at the posts.


Badminton rackets weigh between 3.5 and 5 oz (99 and 141 g) and consist of a leather or terrycloth handle; a long, thin shaft; and a stringed area called the head. Official rules limit the total length of a racket to 26.75 in (67.95 cm). The head of a racket measures 11 in (28 cm) in length and 8.6 in (21.8 cm) in width and is strung with synthetic nylon or gut at between 25 and 35 lb (11.3 and 15.9 kg) of tension. Early rackets were made of wood, but badminton rackets are now commonly made of aluminum, boron, graphite, and titanium.

Tournament-quality shuttlecocks, also called shuttles or birdies, weigh 0.2 oz (5.7 gm) and consist of 16 goose feathers that protrude from one side of a ball-shaped cork base. Most shuttles used by casual players are plastic and have synthetic feathers. Both types of shuttles are 2.5 in (6.4 cm) long. When the shuttlecock is in the air, its aerodynamics cause it to spin so that when players hit it, they almost always strike the cork, not the feathers.


Play begins with a serve from a service area on the right-hand side of the court to a receiver in a diagonally opposite service area across the net. To serve, the server stands behind the service line and strikes the cork base of the shuttle in an underhand motion. The receiver must then return the shuttle before it hits the ground, and the players hit the shuttle back and forth until one side fails to return it.

Play ends when the shuttle hits the ground on one side of the court or when one player makes a fault, or error, such as hitting the shuttle into the net or out of bounds. Specific faults for servers include striking the feathers of the shuttle first or serving overhand. The receiver can be faulted for not being within the service court, for not having both feet on the floor when receiving, and for moving before the serve is made.

During play, faults include hitting the shuttle into the roof or lights, hitting it through the net, double-hitting or slinging a shot, touching the net, playing a shot by reaching over the net, and allowing the shuttle to hit the player’s body. Unsportsmanlike conduct—such as intentionally distracting an opponent—will also earn a player a fault.


Points are scored when the opponent fails to return the shuttle, hits it out of bounds, or earns a fault. Points only count for the server (or serving side in doubles), so keeping the service privilege is an important part of the game. If the server loses a rally or makes a fault, the service privilege passes to the opponent. In doubles, this immediate loss of service occurs only at the start of the game. After this first loss of service, each team receives two chances to hold serve. When the first teammate loses serve, the partner serves. If the partner loses serve, the opposing team takes over.

In men’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles, the first side to score 15 points is the winner. Women’s singles games are played to 11 points. If the score is tied at 14-14 (or 10-10 in women’s singles) a system called setting settles the outcome. The first side that reached 14 (or 10) elects either to play through, meaning that the next side to win a point wins the game, or to set the game to three additional points, meaning that the first side to reach 17 points (or 13 in women’s singles) wins the game. Each badminton match is a best-of-three-games contest. Average matches last about 45 minutes, but professional matches can last more than 2 hours.

Badminton tournaments involve a number of officials. A referee supervises the tournament organization while an umpire controls each match. Aided by a service judge, the umpire keeps score and rules on faults during play. Up to ten line judges rule on whether particular shots have landed in or out of the court.


Badminton requires speed, strength, power, agility, and nerve. Players must move quickly from side to side and back and forth, and stamina is important.

There are six key badminton strokes: the serve, drive, net shot, smash, lift (or lob), and clear. To hit these strokes, players use either a forehand or a backhand grip, depending on court positioning. On the forehand the forefinger acts as a lever and creates power and direction for the stroke. For the backhand the thumb creates this power and direction while placed along the back of the handle.

Many players aim the serve toward the centerline of the opposite service box. This technique limits the angle of the opponent’s return shot. Sometimes players use long, high serves to force opponents to the back of the court. Players also make specialty serves, such as flick serves that barely clear the net or drive serves that are hit down the sideline of the service area, to catch opponents out of position.

Once play has started, players tend to hit straight, low-flying shots called drives. When the shuttle remains close to the center of the court, net shots can be a good option. Net shots can be hard-hit or delicate. They are aimed at the front area of the opponent’s court, forcing the opponent to play the shot close to the net.

If the opponent manages to return a net shot, the return must be hit high to clear the net. This gives the player a chance for a smash—the deadliest attacking stroke in badminton. A smash is hit to the floor so forcefully that the opponent has no chance to return the shuttle before it hits the ground. The hardest smash has been recorded at more than 160 mph (260 km/h).

Players also use two looping strokes that knock the shuttle high and deep. The lift, or lob, is an offensive stroke made from the middle or front of the court. This shot sends the shuttle in a high arc above the opponent’s reach, forcing the opponent to the back of the court. The clear is a similar stroke, but it is used for defensive purposes when players find themselves out of position. The high arc gives players time to return to the middle of the court and to prepare for another rally.


Many badminton enthusiasts play in clubs or at local and regional levels. Top players compete in the World Grand Prix series, an international circuit of tournaments sanctioned by the IBF.

The world championships are badminton’s biggest event and are held every two years. The tournament features five competitions: men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, and mixed doubles. The world championships are always preceded the previous week at the same venue by the Sudirman Cup world mixed team championships, where contests between nations are decided by five matches: men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, and mixed doubles.

Two of badminton’s most exciting events are the men’s Thomas Cup and the women’s Uber Cup. These world team championships, which take place every two years side by side at the same time and at the same venue, have continental qualifying rounds. Contests are staged in a round-robin format with knockout finals at both the qualifying stages in February and the grand finals in May. Thomas Cup and Uber Cup contests consist of three singles and two doubles matches.

Other major events are the European championships, held every two years, and the Olympic Games and the Commonwealth Games, both held every four years.

The IBF, located in Cheltenham, England, regulates all these events and is the sport’s governing body. Representatives from Canada, Denmark, England, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, and Wales founded the organization in 1934. Today the IBF has about 140 member nations.


Since the day I took the headnurses' chair from Ms Gelito in the Mindanao Heart Center- East Wing, my life has never been the same. It's as if I have always been chasing to a never ending deadlines and paper works. And the unit's policy? Yeah, trying mah best to finish that. I heard yah Mrs Agustin... For a moment there I have forgotten the reason why I avoided people like them and places like this... So, my stupidity has sent me to an isolated place somewhere in the Island City of Samal and spent A DAY IN THE BEACH....

Who says you can't go to beach on christmas season,I beg to defy that...

Hmmmmmm, thinking of an escape from the stressors in the city... this would do the trick! mwuah!

Yeah, there's nothing like being out alone in the vast, seemingly endless space beside the beach... the breeze, so serene and the way that's my tent at the back...

hmmm? really don't know what I was thinking when I took this shot... you might wanna fill in the blanks? jejejeje...

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.... jejejejeje....

I had a rather simple yet sumptuous Christmas together with my wife, my mom and my brother. My mom cooked for our noche buena and burp!!! I actually posted this article specifically for my sis and my brother in law who is in China and my older brother who is in Ohio, USA right now... hmmmmm.... I know you'll never forgive me for this... jejeje... Feast your eyes guyzzz!!!!

These huge prawns (sugpo, in our language)were the best prawns I had ever savored...

This steamed tilapia was served steaming hot' and was hmmmm... truly a feast for my tummy...

These delicious monsters were cooked spicy hot and irresistably yummy!!! yummy! yummy!!!!

King Crabs hahahaha... Now in the pan, will soon be in my plate!!!!

Soup? anyone? Had these poor thingy inside my soup bowl.... but really they are very delicious! jejeje

Hey bro?! sis!? .... This is to die for... bwahahahahahaha!

hmmmmmm.... salad wasn't even noticed anymore...

and oh, did I say we had a lechon biik? jejeje. hey, the lechon's head went to my in-laws' table.. jejeje...

Happy Holidays!!! mwuah!

Sabado, Disyembre 27, 2008

yellOw-PhOenix r.n. - i talk !

What is Shingles?

Shingles (herpes zoster virus) is a painful viral infection of the nerve roots. The virus moves along the nerve fibers and affects cells of the skin, resulting in a skin rash. Caused by the same virus behind childhood chickenpox, the virus is never fully cleared from the body and shingles occurs when the virus reactivates.

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And like a dying lady

And like a dying lady, lean and pale,
Who totters forth, wrapp'd in a gauzy veil,
Out of her chamber, led by the insane
And feeble wanderings of her fading brain,
The moon arose up in the murky East,
A white and shapeless mass.

yellOw-PhOenix - i travel !

Hey guyz!

How are all of you doin? What I’m posting right now was our travel to Manila when we joined the PPHA convention, supposedly for a broad way competition. But sadly we weren’t able to even get that close due to some problems concerning monetary constraints.

Only three participants were sponsored by the hospital for the said convention. Needless to say the others were left no choice but to settle to some bits and pieces, juggled up stories about our travel. I have talked my piece, now let the pictures talk !!!

Waiting at the airport…

DMC delegates in the PPHA convention..

Me ad tala at taking pics in the convention site... say cheese!

Me and tala striking a pose... mwuah!

Monkeys on the lose!!!

It's me! infront of the newest mall in the Philippines - Mall of ASIA

Biyernes, Disyembre 26, 2008


Im kinda having a hard time updating my posts lately. Have been quite busy with work and with other things that I need to rush. I have been trying to meet deadlines plus not to mention that its already christmas season and most people have been quite in a chase preparing for their parties and reunions. Oh it's fun celebrating christmas in the Philippines. By the way I had taken pics of the sumptuous foods prepared by my mom for our NOCHE BUENA( it's a festive meal before the struck of twelve midnight in the 24th of December ) I will be making a posts on that soon , so keep posted ok? Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

Sabado, Disyembre 20, 2008




This will have to be the worst nightmare in my life, joining this dancesport competition and dancing this latin dance was never easy for me. I really don’t consider my self a dancer, dancing isn’t my stuff!

By the way, that girl? My partner? It’s elisa. SHE’S GOOD. And when I say she’s good? SHE IS REALLY DAMN GOOD!

Miyerkules, Disyembre 17, 2008


This is my sister she currently in shanghai, china right now working as an ofw. She is actually a lead vocalist of their band. She's been in china for more than 3 years now,but it was in seoul korea, where she had most of her stint as a singer has been spent, imagine staying in seoul korea for more than 15 years. She's even more eloquent speaking their native tongue than her own... whew!

ADD and me!

Attention Deficit Disorder
Attention Defecit Disorder, referred to as ADD, is often confused with ADHD which stands for Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity. Both can have many of the same symptoms such as being forgetful, poor academic performance, difficulty completing tasks and being easily distracted. However, ADHD also has the distinquishing difference of hyperactivity. Both ADD and ADHD can be treated with medications as well as professional help.


this is me. yam and el el... they are bound to be friends forever...



Anorexia Nervosa is by definition the fear of gaining weight or becoming too fat when in reality the person is actually underweight. Anorexia is a serious problem as it often deprives the body of essential nutrients. There are two types of anorexia, one with involves bing-eating and purging while the other is a restricting type whereas the person does not involve oneself in eating and self induced purging or misuse of laxitives or enemas.


A stroke occurs when the blood supply to the part of the brain is suddenly interrupted (ischemic) or when a blood vessel in the brain bursts, spilling blood into the spaces surrounding the brain cells (hemorrhagic). The symptoms of stroke are easy to spot: sudden numbness or weakness, especially on one side of the body; sudden confusion or trouble speaking or understanding speech; sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes; sudden trouble walking; dizziness; or loss of balance or coordination. Brain cells die when they no longer receive oxygen and nutrients from the blood or when they are damaged by sudden bleeding into or around the brain. These damaged cells can linger in a compromised state for several hours. With timely treatment, these cells can be saved.

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The Dead Go Down to the Stygian Waters

My father stands empty-handed, waits for my brother.
By the river he waits, impatiently.
A flock tilts,
Spirals, unfurls, settles serried in a maple.
The water is volatile, shape-shifts from rain to mist,
To the river's sluggish tug, silk then tarnished silver.
The hawk, scholar of thermals, turns above the windbreak.
Frost crystals on the scat; rust pinpoints the wire's barb.
The dead go down to the Stygian waters, the dead
Go down. My father stands empty-handed.
My brother—
Not late but on the other side—steps into the water
To ford the distance until he is in over his head
And to his surprise can breathe in this water as in air.

news flash - NURSES' GONE MAD!!!!


December 17 -CHOIRS GONE MAD!!!

The hospital upon where I am currently working is actually celebrating a week long christmas celebration with various contest for the employees, one which is the choral singing contest.
Yesterday our team leader was actually in panic mode of looking for participants for the said contest. very fortunately she was able to gather a handful of singers to join the event.
Later that day,we started brainstorming as to what would be our presentation very strangely we ended up the day still brainstorming of the concept of the presentation for the contest.
All of us forgot our spills!
Others forgot the choreographed dance!
and everything was a total disaster!!!
Learned lesson?
Never join a contest unprepared...
The good side?
At least our group still have a representative and we weren't penalized!!! jejeje whew!

Martes, Disyembre 16, 2008


the mood:

low and slow

the solution:

get out of your head

how you feel: dejected small listless, apathetic.
physical signs: slumping posture, downcast eyes, undue fatigue
what to do:
move for at least 10-30 minutes at mild to moderate intensity. focus on your body, not your brain, until you can feel yourself regain vitality
moves that work:
take a mindful walk to expand your senses, then put on music that invigorates you and lets you express your emotions; move or dance to it. get outside support and motivation by taking a group class at the gym. walk the dog. swing your arms vigorously front and back. make faces of different emotions. practice smiling.

Lunes, Disyembre 15, 2008

What Diosdado Means

You are balanced, orderly, and organized. You like your ducks in a row.
You are powerful and competent, especially in the workplace.
People can see you as stubborn and headstrong. You definitely have a dominant personality.

Stubborn Stand Off - or I should say Sit Off by Gangie

You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing.
You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. You don't stick with any one thing for very long.
You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start.

You are well rounded, with a complete perspective on life.
You are solid and dependable. You are loyal, and people can count on you.
At times, you can be a bit too serious. You tend to put too much pressure on yourself.

no evil no fun by Kris Kros
You are the total package - suave, sexy, smart, and strong.
You have the whole world under