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dare to bare....

I am usually not as daring as this but a friend convince me to bare some flesh in still pictures so I decided to have some...

Take a peak on those moments of my insanity...

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SHEIKH KHALIFA MEDICAL CITY or SKMC is the lone government hospital in the entire of Abu Dhabi. It is named after the former president of the country UAE (United Arab Emirates) - Sheikh Khalifa.
SKMC is a MAGNET accreditted hospital, such accredittation implies conformance to the international standards set by the accreditting institution. There are only few hospitals who were able to pass the MAGNET accreditation, one of which is SKMC - the only one in the entire of middle east.
To date, I have been assigned in the Cardiac ICU. There have been plenty of things that I need to know and I need to adjust on to but I am taking one thing at a time. Very honestly I have been learning a lot of things and procedures which I have not encountered in my almost 5 years of experience in the Philippines. In the picture is my uniform in SKMC.

My place in ABU DHABI ...

A part of my contract in my work here in Abu Dhabi, we were promised to have an accomodation of our own. True enough we were housed in a three storey villa with complete amenities and furnitures. Each room has 42 inches flat plasma TV with a very soft bed. A very good centralized air conditioning system is more than capable enough to take care the scorching heat of the sun.

The villa is so spacious that the 9 of us housed in this villa seldom see each other. Security guards are on look 24/7 so you are very much certain that everything will be fine within the compound.

A coaster will fetch us at specific time schedules every time we go to the hospital for our duties. Telephones are free and so is the TFC. Whats making me miss the Philippines? There are plenty of things I miss in my country but the very thing I missed so much?..... Hearing the sound of raindrops falling in my head.... huhuhuhhuhu...

My brother in law in China is suddenly making me nuts!

buick supercharger,
mercedes supercharger,
pontiac supercharger,

These are just few of the way too alien words my brother in law kept on mumbling. He actually has this new Mercedes and a friend told him techniques on how to boost up the performance of his car and when he found out how effective it was he suddenly became so fanatic about these supercharger thing.

He was so fanatic on that thing that he even insisted that my other brother living here in the Philippines get a Nissan Supercharger for his newly bought Nissan car. What has gotten into him? He is really starting to get serious over these. But I talked to my sister, my brother in law's wife she said the reason why he is acting like that was because he was so delighted of the effects these supercharger thing did to his car. Very speedy experience huh, way to go bro!


On these pics are my new buddies in Abu Dhabi, as everybody know so well, I have been quite lucky enough to work in one of the finest Cities in the Middle East - Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the country United Arab Emirates. The country have 7 emirates and one of which is the emirate where I worked ; Abu Dhabi. The very famous Dubai is just one of the 7 emirates of UAE, Rumors has it that Dubai is abetter place than in Abu Dhabi. But others said that it is not so much nice to live their as it is a relatively more expensive city compared to that of the Abu Dhabi.

Nonetheless, mine is concern not of wherever is the most expensive emirate, what I know is that both emirates are both very hot cities, and when I say it's hot? it is indeed way too hot!!!

Satellite TV ... what it is all about.

My coming here to Abu Dhabi was quite a blessing, my mom who's been mocking me to wake me up every morning has been miles away, jejeje.. my bro in the US who keeps calling me up and kept bragging on what's new and what's hot have been quite so tame lately... or so I thought.
Kriiiiing... my mobile screamed, and wallah! Its my brother again. Amazingly he has been not so nosy on what I have been doing here, rather he kept on talking about Direct TV Promos and things about satellite TV. When I searched the net what I found was that these satellite television is a television delivered by means of communication satellite and is reveived by a satellite dish and a set-top box. I also learned that in many areas of the world these satellite televisions are able to provide a wide range of channels and services, often to areas that are not serviced by terrestrial or cable providers.

Really now, how advance can some other places get. My brother was even thankful that he was able to see this Satellite TV deals flashed in the screen of his televison, in fact he is way too excited to grab one of his own now. Yeah, that's my bro he never changes. but considering the advantages my bro cited when he talked about this satellite tv, hmmmm I think, it's worth a try.

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The symptoms of swine flu are broadly the same as those of ordinary flu, but may be more severe and cause more serious complications.

The typical symptoms are:

Other symptoms may include:

- headache
- tiredness
- chills
- aching muscles
- limb or joint pain
- diarrhoea or stomach upset
- sore throat
- runny nose
- sneezing
- loss of appetite

If the flu becomes pandemic, potentially, everyone is at risk because few people, if any at all, will have immunity (resistance) to it.

If you have any of these symptoms but a flu pandemic has not been announced, you could have seasonal flu.

Linggo, Mayo 17, 2009

Malou's dilemma ...

Used to be when I was still a medical representative I often have a difficult time making my booth presentable every time there are round table discussions, lectures, seminars and conferences. I have innovate and be resourceful, aside from thinking all the pressures I get every time I think of my sales quota I get to be pressured with things like this.

My friend Malou who used to be in the same company where I used to be working is now based in the US. We talked of different things we used to be doing when we were still in the same company. She said she is still working in the pharmaceutical industry as of now. And guess what, a great relief in her work! She was able to encounter this site in the net -> . She said this has helped her a lot in her work. Everytime there are conventions and the likes she always can depend on them of the thing she need like pipes and drapes for her booth, banner stands for every product for promotion and even table skirts . It's like unloading on them some tasks which are equally important in your job and making your self more focused on some other important thing. It's really a relief!!!

Malou even recommended the site to some of her friends who needed to arrange for trade show booths . Well, anyway Im honestly happy for my friend now. Goodluck Malou!!! I'm hoping to see you again soon, probably in the other part of the globe. Love yah!

Biyernes, Mayo 15, 2009

Deployment date moved to MAY 29 !!!


Stoned by the news I received today. Our deployment date was moved to May 29 instead of May 17. Which means I am stranded in Manila for quite a period of time. I am just actually taking things proactively. That is conditioning my mind that the delay would mean ample of time for me to know more of Metro Manila, that would have to entail a lot of strolling and walking and bar hopping and probably some beer drinking sessions. Hmmm I'm starting to find it fascinating.

To all my friends in Davao. I'm starting to miss you guyz, but I know we will soon be seeing again, Singapore? Right? Till then.

Huwebes, Mayo 14, 2009


It was late part of 2008 when David Cook announced that he will possibly come to Manila on the first quarter of 2009. Everybody got so excited then, yet, he was not able to show up maybe due to other priorities and constraints.

And then just few weeks ago, not sure if the announcement came directly from Jomari Yllana, but there were hearsays that he’ll be the one producing David Cook’s concert and this time, he’ll be with David Archuleta.

With the recent happenings and updates, I think the long wait is over as David Cook and David Archuleta made a confirmation through their video blog entry (which can also be found on youtube).

David Cook, winner of season 7 of American Idol, is coming to Manila soon, together with his runner-up David Archuleta. The upcoming concert will be on May 16 at the SM Mall of Asia Open Grounds.

Sabado, Mayo 2, 2009

A FORCE TO RECKON - Manny Pacquiao

It took him 359 seconds to say to the entire world that he is still the best person there is in as far as the boxing arena is concerned. The whole of Las Vegas has just witness the clash of two both deserving fighters and one emerged victorious in a total knock out fight.

Ricky Hatton found himself on the ground losing the fight and failing the entire of his british fans. Meanwhile the Pacquiao supporters have been chanting loudly Pacquiao's name as a sign of vocal admiration. Manny Pacquiao is definitely a force to reckon with.

In as far as the boxing world is concerned the words - MANNY PACQUAIO is not just a name of a boxer, it also means GREAT BOXING POWER!!!

Linggo, Abril 26, 2009

"Twilight" role at stake in German reality show

COLOGNE, Germany - The words "casting couch" spring to mind when you hear the concept of a new German reality show: 12 young actresses compete for a role in a Hollywood production.

But "Mission Hollywood" is no joke. The show, which premieres June 8 in primetime on leading German network RTL, features Til Schweiger, Germany's biggest star, and the prize -- a role in one of the "Twilight" sequels -- is enough to entice even the most skeptical would-be thespian.

RTL and production house Tresor TV also have secured an impressive lineup of jury judges to assess the talent. Permanent jury members Schweiger and famed acting coach Bernhard Hiller will be joined every week by a third juror, among them Carmen Electra, producer Erwin Stoff and German A-list actors Thomas Kretschmann and Moritz Bleibtreu.

"Mission Hollywood" hopes to capitalize on the phenomenal ratings success of casting shows like "Germany's Next Top Model," which has become a flagship hit for RTL competitor Pro7.

As on the modeling show, contestants on "Mission Hollywood" will have to go through the motions of the real job -- carrying out stunts and re-enacting classic movie scenes from films such as "Dirty Dancing," "Misery" and "9 1/2 Weeks."

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Kriiiiiiiing.... - Can we be phone mate ?

Have you ever tried waking up in the middle of the night just to pick up that phone so unceasingly ringing because there's something urgent that you should attend to? OK, now take this; how about given the same scenario but, this time when you picked the phone the person on the next line says; CAN WE BE PHONE MATE ? These are just one of the many common Caller Complaints we usually encounter in our day to day routine.

Before you make a criminal out of you just because of these Caller Complaints, take first a deep breath, inhale and exhale, then get back to your senses. Yes, you will never be a criminal because there is no way that you will know the caller on the next line. It's annoying, yes... but, that's just life... NO !!!

You don't have to be bothered by these good for nothing callers who keeps you awake in the middle of the night just so that they can have somebody to annoy with their foolishness, that's plain pathetic.

Now a revolutionary gadget by Caller Wiki can enable you to know the next person on the other line of an annoying call. You can even check for the info tagged on the number of that caller or even add some info yourself. This system can help you track these unwanted callers down. Those usual Caller Complaints ? No more...

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“Is it safe to use anybody’s razor?”

33/365 - I Ran Out Of Razors by size_uk► maple leaf  in sunder by razor blade◄  Berlin, October 3rd 2007 by quapan


An infectious disease expert in an institution in Atlanta says it is very dangerous to use anybody’s razor. If your man has cold sores, warts or hepatitis B or C (which can lead to harmful liver diseases), the virus could be living in his razor. Then when you use it, the viral villains can invade your bloodstream through microscopic nicks from shaving.
What’s more, hepatitis B and C which may also be spread via sex don’t always produce outward symptoms, so you and your guy could be unknowingly infected. To play it safe, avoid using any items that could harbor small amounts of his blood, including toothbrushes and nail clippers.


An allergic reaction involves two features of the human immune response. One is the production of immunoglobulin E (IgE), a type of protein called an antibody that circulates through the blood. The other is the mast cell, a specific cell that occurs in all body tissues but is especially common in areas of the body that are typical sites of allergic reactions, including the nose and throat, lungs, skin, and gastrointestinal tract.

when you need them - Boston Limousine Service

After a not so busy work in the hospital, I had the chance to check on my peers through facebook in the internet. It's so amazing indeed how a lot of people so far yet are able to exchange ideas, experiences and even pictures via the internet.

A friend of mine in California actually was bragging about the car he had just bought few weeks ago. I really didn't notice what kind of car he had bought I probably had it by intention because of envy, perhaps.

Shiela, used to be the only bachelorette among my friends in the US has finally decided to tie the knots. In fact she really prepared evidences of her wedding ceremony, jejeje...

And wow! really amazing... not the bride neither the groom - the wedding car!!! A limousine! very elegant and seemingly very expensive. I was amazed how wonderful the car is, that I'd die longing to have it. I even asked her where she borrowed the car, I'm quite sure she can"t afford it herself.

And I was right! She said it's a Boston Limousine! She said she had it rented in one of the sites she found in the internet. I see, when I browsed the site, indeed I was able to see a lot of Boston Limousines and not only they offer their Boston Limousine Service for wedding but for any other corporate functions as well... But really, how I wish I had one of those...

knowing D I A B E T E S

is a disorder in which the body cannot convert foods properly into the energy needed for daily activities. Diabetes tends to get passed on genetically but factors other than heredity are responsible as well. There are two main types of diabetes. Type I, or insulin-dependent, is the more severe for of the disease. Type II, or adult onset, is the more common form and accounts for more than 85% of all cases. Diabetes cannot be cured, but it can be controlled. Control requires carefully regulating one's diet, regular exercise, and, if necessary, insulin.

A sight of stars and moon inside your room - fascinating? think again..

You have had a very stressful day at work. Your back aches, your neck is kinda stiff already and all you wanted to do is rest and have a good night sleep. Few kilometers away from home you've been thinking of the smooth pillow laid against your cheek, and ahhh yes, the comfort of your very cozy nice home.

You parked your car just perfectly right at your parking lot. Slowly glided as you entered your home sweet home. You went directly to your room, headed to the shower and took a warm nice shower, dried your self thoroughly and laid your back in the comfort of your bed.

Lying in your seemed to be very relaxing, very relaxing while you watch the stars up in the sky, observing how round and bright the blue moon is - then you think... stars? moon? Where the hell was your...

Your roof you had repaired a week ago by a contractor of you don't even know was again damaged, apparently the repair cost of you damaged roof have been doubled because you opted to pick a cheaper contractor without so much of quality service.

Oklahoma City Roofing is a highly qualifier and the most reliable city roofer with vast experiences in roofing problem of various situations. They particularly specialize in any kinds of roofing, commercial roofing and gutter problem.

Oklahoma City Roofing is very much conscious on what their customers wanted them to do, they value client-contractor communication, together with the client they thoroughly plan what their client really have in mind.

To know more about them check their site ->
Oklahoma City Roofing

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Watch this video about Regine Velasquez and tell me how soon this lady can have laryngeal cancer.

By no doubt this lady had earned her popularity belting out songs. She has been tagged of many names already. A bankable star? Perhaps.

But I don't know about this lady, although I like the way she sings but I was kinda thinking if it really doesn't hurt in the throat? It has been a given fact that she has been gaining followers already but I really think that what she's doing isn't really healthy for her self. What do you think ?

Hawaii Design - what they touch turns to...

Being a former medical representative of a multinational company I have been somehow trained on how to enhance the marketability of a certain product. And what I have learned so far was that aside from a bundle of product knowledge you need to convince your clients you also need to consider adding up visuals, something that your client needs to feast his/her eye on.

There is always a kid in us, and that aspect of our being seeks for something pleasant to our eyes, something that amaze, something that bluffs , that is probably the reason why most candies are made with bright colors.

Hawaii Design - here is an internet entity who says; " We love traffic, we love design and we love to put them together into amazing websites ".

More than being an internet entity they thrive exactly in the world of marketing and the way I see it as I read their site, they have their unique way of doing the business they call marketing, and it seemed to work for most of their clienteles.

No wonder, Hawaii Design is making waves not just only in Hawaii but also in a bigger pacific they call the world of internet. The picture above may already be soothing and relaxing to the eye, but what Hawaii Design touches becomes one brilliant soothing and relaxing marketing armor specially designed for its target.

Check the site -> Hawaii Design

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Bothersome, annoying, embarrassing.
sneeze by v_tofuOzzy having a sneezing fit! by benus17:  sneeze by dogfaceboySneeze/Estornudo by Geoffrey-7-11
But did you know that changing your diet may ease your hay fever? In a study in the European Journal- Allergy, subjects whose diets were high in oleic acid, (a monounsaturated fat found in olive oil), had an increased risk of hay fever. But a diet high in eicosapentaenoic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid found mostly in fatty fish, lessened the risk.
The research also found that, among women, a diet high in beta-carotene boosted the chance of hay fever, while vitamin E suppressed it.

Miyerkules, Abril 22, 2009

it's not just a bag, it's a Retail Bag

Imagine this, you went shopping to this very huge mall, neat, clean and very elegant. Thinking that it is the best mall where you can find the best things you think suited your moneys worth, you went straight ahead of the 10th floor looking for different apparels and perfumes perhaps.

When you went your way to the boutique which first caught your eye, you happen to have your eyes glued on a very stylish dress the mannequin is wearing, stylish indeed that it costs more than half of the paycheck you have received a week ago. So you scrutinized the dress well, thinking probably of the very occasion when you're going to wear that dress. Then you decided. That dress will go to my closet! You take out your credit card and told the mall assistant that you're going to get that dress. The mall assistant in an instant got you that dress and billed you accordingly, after which she wrapped that same dress in a roll using an old news paper of you don't know what issue that was! And it was undoubtedly a total nightmare! A disaster! A stylish, elegant dress wrapped in an old newspaper!

The world of marketing is stiff, it has competitors looking always at you when you take your false move. A part of marketing is making your merchandise presentable before and after it is bought out from your store. Good marketing thinking will tell you that you just can't wrap expensive shoes and stylish clothes with an old piece of paper or whatever it is. That is exactly the reason why there are;

Retail Bags... What better way can you think to promote your retail products is through the bags it comes along with. Different sizes of bags of different shapes and colors which somehow depicts the kind of business you got.

Bags, bags, bags and a lot of bags - but it is not just any other bags they are ; Retail Bag. All types of bags are available in clear or color films; they may sometimes be white, black, blue, red, yellow, gray, green in both tints and opaque stylish designs. And they also have bags available with bottom gussets, tapered lips, perforated lips, inside or outside flips, air holes, butterfly vents and hanger cut outs. These bags will not just wrap your merchandise appropriately but will give your customers the impression that they are served by professionals.

Remember it's not just a bag, it's a Retail Bag.

knowing GERD ...

Heartburn Relief: 5 Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist

One in 10 Americans has heartburn or acid reflux at least once a week, according to the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA). Whether you're one of the lucky few who generally has an iron stomach -- or you need heartburn relief nearly every day -- rest assured: You can soothe the burn.

Start by getting to know your local pharmacist. Uniquely trained in drug interactions and side effects, pharmacists can help you look at the medications you're already taking, uncover any potential side effects and drug interactions, and offer safe solutions for heartburn relief. Write out your full list of medications -- including all prescription and over-the-counter drugs, any herbal or other natural remedies, and all vitamin and mineral supplements you're taking. Take it with you to the pharmacist and go over it together.

To start you on your way, here are seven key questions to ask your pharmacist about heartburn relief. You may want to print out this list and take it with you to the pharmacy.
1. Could medications I'm taking be causing my heartburn?

Heartburn is a common side effect of many medications, from aspirin to osteoporosis drugs to steroids.
2. Can I just wait and hope my heartburn goes away?

Simple heartburn that passes relatively quickly isn't dangerous -- certainly not life-threatening. But chronic, severe heartburn, especially with acid reflux, can eventually damage your esophagus if left untreated.
3. What's a safe, simple heartburn treatment?

Many doctors and pharmacists suggest over-the-counter antacids for occasional heartburn. If heartburn symptoms persist, your doctor may suggest drugs such as Aciphex, Prevacid, Prilosec, Protonix, Nexium, or Zegerid to reduce the stomach's production of acid, or Reglan to make the stomach empty itself faster. Your pharmacist or your doctor can explain how each drug works, and what to expect.
4. Are there lifestyle changes that bring heartburn relief?

One safe, first step is to cut out any foods and drinks that trigger your heartburn symptoms. Coffee, chocolate, carbonated drinks, spicy foods, tomatoes, citrus fruits, and alcohol are common heartburn triggers. With heartburn, eating smaller meals and avoiding food for two to three hours before bedtime can ease symptoms. Cutting out smoking and losing weight if you're overweight can also relieve heartburn.
5. How long does it take for heartburn treatment to work?

The answer depends on whether you're about to try an over-the-counter antacid or a long-term prescription drug. Each heartburn treatment works differently, but in general:

* Antacids like Tums work instantly but wear off quickly. Antacids work best if taken 30 to 60 minutes before eating.
* Histamine blockers take effect in about an hour but must be taken twice a day for heartburn prevention.

Proton pump inhibitors are the most powerful drugs but may not provide immediate relief because they act slowly. These drugs must be taken every day to be effective.

Me, my monster bed and my lost good night sleep...

I was feeling quite hot tempered lately probably because I wasn't able to get much sleep. My monster bed kept on squeaking all night that I didn't get my most precious sleep leaving me half awake almost the entire part of my supposed to be good night sleep.

And whats rather more annoying is that my monster bed moves also every time I move. This is torture on the very sense of the word! How I wish I had a sleeping pill with me so that I won't be able to notice how annoying my bed was.

The day after my night of torment, I had decided to look at some new elegant designs of bed on the net. (Yes, I am going to fire that bed inside my room! and when I said fire what I meant was to literally lit a fire on it, jejejeeje kidding...)

Consequently, I came across this website of Time4sleep in the net and among the many Metal Beds displayed on their website what caught my eye the most was the Windsor design. It seemed very still, very regal and big.

You see, I am a person who spends more than half of my vacant time at room. Most often, I am on my bed during breakfast, lunch and dinner. The TV and the DVD player is just actually in my room so I don't get to go out of my room that often and this Metal Beds - Windsor design is I think just the right match for me. By the way it looks, this type of Metal Beds seemed very durable. Hmmmmm.... I wonder how fast it can be delivered if I will order one ? I'll better call my bro in US first for some, you know... jejeje assistance... mwuah!



These are some of the pictures taken when nurses went mad for a night. jejeje. Me and my friends actually decided to shrug off some stress from work so we agreed to go to a bar and dance and drink the whole night.

Fun? Indeed. Not only that we meet new friends but we were able to learn more about some of us. Divine (a nursing attendant) for one is a revelation, we really don't have any slightest idea that she can dance and wow! she can grind and do some pole dancing as well, way to go Divine!

Who else was there?
Brigitte the not so "ma arte" staff of eastwing, Karissa, the look alike of olive; wifey of popeye, Frauline... hmmm wonder where Frauine is in the pic, Melody- Nurse slash retailer of soap slash real estate agent, Annie the "batumbakal" lady, Yam - the lord of redhorse, Paul - the badminton hottie, Earl- the hottie Shiela - another hottie and Heidiz - the nottie... jejeje till then

What's behind the place? - Okinawa Japan

Okinawa Japan is well known for :
- SCUBA Diving
- Beaches,
- Japan’s earliest cherry blossoms in January
- Resorts
- Marathons
- Crystal clear water
- Coral reefs
- It’s unique culture different from the rest of Japan, influenced from China and other parts of Asia
- Warm weather all year long

But for me, being a former medical representative of a JAPANESE researched based pharmaceutical company, I know of the place not just of the wonderful scenery and other significant scenic spots in the country but of the people who are believed to be one of the most disciplined people among many Asians.

Some of my client doctors used to give me pictures with stories on their escapade to Okinawa Japan. The food, the services they received, they have even hoped that they be "infected" of the kind of quality services they have received in that place.

The issue of whether Okinawa Japan has great sights to see is no longer debatable, because there truly are lots of scenic spots to view but the safety of your trip and the quality of service is truly beyond commendable.


"Do not judge the book by it's cover" - very true!

And more true, to the case of Ms. Susan Boyle.

The Susan Boyle phenomenon shows no signs of abating - in fact, one video tracking firm claims that momentum is growing behind the Scottish singer.

While the official YouTube video of the performance reports over 32 million views, tracking company Visible Measures is monitoring the statistics for all versions of the clip, plus fan responses and interviews. Their Viral Reach Database tracks views across 150+ video sharing destinations, including YouTube (YouTube reviews).

On Friday, we published metrics from the company that totalled 47 million views across 200 unique Susan Boyle-related videos. As of 10pm ET Sunday, the company has upped that number to 93.2 million views across 650 unique clips. Given the current viewing rates, the total count will almost certainly exceed 100 million views on Monday.

Madness in the middle of April !

What??? chicken Halloween costumes in the middle of April??? Here's the story guys...

My friends have been thinking of what better way to celebrate my despidida party, others were thinking of celebrating it in the beach, overnight stay perhaps, with tents all over the white sands of Samal Beach bringing along marinated pork ready for the grill. But some of my friends said that they have been to the beach lately, it's summer right? So the option was not considered.

My other not so naughty friend thought of spending it in a bar with girls, ehem... dancing on various levels of ledges, others perhaps on the poles doing their thing but, my wife said it's garbage,.. so garbage it is... jejejeje

My mom, out of the craziness she experienced when we had our Halloween Party insisted that we rent a vacant house and celebrate their wearing costumes of different horrible monsters. Going nuts??? Apparently, because my wife actually approved of it, in fact my bother in US will be coming home this time and is very excited to look for costumes already. (There's one crazy Frasco going home...) In fact he had bought already chicken Halloween costumes from an internet site in their place.

You heard it right, that's chicken Halloween costumes for the three of us!(that's together with my other bro, so there's three crazy Frasco wearing chicken Halloween costumes. silly, this is getting worst')And what's more worst? He's spending everything in my despidida, so the chicken Halloween costumes? it's in the bag already! Good Lord! Wish me luck!

How painful can it get...

Pain. Abstract. by Nellie Vin

How painful can it get. When you have fallen, bruised and wounded. When your torn, confused and at a loss of what to do, how frustating can it be..
The world is a mystery never fathomed. There are realities in life that naturally can inflict pain. Sometimes the person you thought closest to you can even cause disraught and can probably teach you the best of what the experience can offer but then again it may also leave you helpless and frustated. Nah... life has its ironies and youl'll probably spend the entire part of your life trying to understand it but that's just life, it's meant not to be understood but to be lived.
You will learn that eventually in life you will face the knife that will cut you bleeding, it may be the worst that will give you your most unbearable pain ... but how painful can it get??? when you'll get to realize that you need to live with it...

No man is an island...

"No man is an island..."

There it goes, it is indeed true that no man can live alone. Man is a social being. That is a general fact, it is therefore very important for us to interact and to connect to other individuals.

By saying man, it technically means any human being existing all over the globe. Men, Women, Children, irregardless of gender and capabilities our need to connect and to interact as a social being should be of great concern. Even those who cannot walk and are just isolated inside the four corners of their room.

The internet is a big world, a part of that big world has a soft spot for the handicapped individuals. Needless to explain the existence of handicap chat, this is the site in the internet who caters for our handicapped brothers who equally exercise their right to socialize and to mingle with other being be it handicapped or non handicapped.

Believing that somebody is destined for each one of us is so likely true in the world of internet, there seemingly is a spot for any individual to connect.

To everyone, you can always connect, start here -> handicap chat

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SLOW METABOLISM??? What you need to know.

“Am I stuck with my slow metabolism?” Well. Sort of. Everyone has a set resting metabolism.(the natural rate at which your body burns calories while your at rest), says an expert an Expert of Weight Control Program in one the hospitals in New York.. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t rev it up.
Muscles burns more calories than fats, so the trick is to increase your muscle mass. The most efficient way to do is through strength training-lifting weight or completing moves that use your own body weights as resistance, such as push ups and rigorous yoga and Pilates. Add exercises like this to your regular cardio workout at least three times per week.

Safety comes first

ATV stands for “all terrain vehicle”. These types of vehicles are small and powerful and are specifically designed to handle a wider variety of terrain than 2-wheeled vehicles of a similar size. ATVs often have 3 or 4 wheels, but some models with 6 wheels exist for certain specialized uses. A rider sits and operates an ATV similarly as one would a motorcycle, but the extra wheels give the ATV more stability at slower speeds. ATVs are often used for recreational purposes and can be used for work on ranches as well.

Because of the increasing incidence of Yamaha Rhino rollovers,
Yamaha has recently recalled more of its Rhino Side by Side (SxS) ATV vehicles because of the danger of rollover. The rollovers have tremendously caused a number of serious injuries to numerous riders which has prompted lawsuits. Among the many injuries they usually encounter are broken legs (tibia), broken arms, and the most serious head and spinal cord injuries which most often than not leave these riders bedridden and comatose in the hospital ( I should know, I have been assigned in the Neuroward where most vehicular are confined.)The Rhino's propensity to roll over has been blamed on it's high center of gravity and narrow wheel base. Many Rhinos did not come with doors on the passenger compartment, when the Rhino rolls the passenger sticks their leg out to try and balance the vehicle. Unfortunately, the passenger or driver is typically unable to balance the vehicle and it rolls over crushing the driver's or passenger's leg.

These would have to be the moral of the story, as a responsible driver we should be able to assess well the suited vehicle for us to ensure a comfortable, speedy yet SAFETY ride. Remember, safety comes first.



Stress is defined as a nonspecific response of the body to any demand made upon it which results in symptoms such as rise in the blood pressure, release of hormones, quickness of breathe, tightening of muscles, perspiration, and increased cardiac activity. Stress is not necessarily negative. Some stress keeps us motivated and alert, while too little stress can create problems. However, too much stress can trigger problems with mental and physical health, particularly over a prolonged period of time.


Schizophrenia symptoms include distorted thoughts and hallucinations. Usually starting in young adulthood, schizophrenia can also cause the sufferer to feel frightened and paranoid. To make a schizophrenia diagnosis, a psychiatrist evaluates symptoms, tests, and medical history, and prescribes medications and possibly psychotherapy (or other types of talk therapy) for proper schizophrenia treatment. New research is helping us understand this disorder better.

Take this. - GET PAID TO BE A HACKER !!!

The world of internet has been tremendously growing and its growing on a relatively fast quantum. The positive effect of which is that, its development has brought about recent findings and systems which consequently enhances the kind of living people of today's generation have. The rise of internet has also brought about a lot of things such as; the rise of electronic commerce, easy access to vast stores of various reference materials, collaborative computing, e-mail, and new avenues for advertising and information distribution, to name a few. As with most technological advances, there is also a downside of which such as the ever prevailing criminal hackers.

What is a hacker ? A hacker is person who enjoys learning the details of computer systems and how to stretch their capabilities as opposed to most users of computers, who prefer to learn only the minimum amount necessary. He can also be one who programs enthusiastically or who enjoys programming rather than just theorizing about programming.

The changes brought abut by the revolution in the world of internet has obviously involved almost everyone in different parts of the world. Many system of government, high companies, and other private individuals around the globe are anxious to be a part of this revolution, what they fear is that some hacker will break into their system and replace their logo with pornography, or will read their e-mail without permission, steal their credit card number from an on-line shopping site, or implant software that will secretly transmit their organization's secrets to the open site. With these concerns and more, the ETHICAL HACKER can help.

What is Ethical Hacking ?

In the quest for an effective approach to the problem on criminal hacking, organizations came to realize that one of the best ways to evaluate the intruder threat to their interests would be to have independent computer security professionals attempt to break into their computer systems. This scheme is similar to having independent auditors come into an organization to verify its bookkeeping records. In the case of computer security, these “ethical hackers” would employ the same tools and techniques as that of the criminal hackers, but they would neither damage the target systems nor steal information. Instead, an evaluation will be made based on the target's security system and report back to the owners with the vulnerabilities they found and instructions for how to remedy these vulnerabilities found.

This exactly the same reason why the EC-Council has put up measures to certify IT professionals and give them an opportunity for to learn intensely about IT Security and make use of their knowledge on the positive aspect of hacking and consequently become a Certified Ethical Hacker. These certified ethical hackers will eventually be the experts who will check the weakness of the security system of the target then suggest options on how to strengthen it based on their knowledge on how the criminal hackers can possibly attack their targets.

With all these updates on the IT Security, people on the E-Commerce world can now hope for a better operations for a better E-Commerce world wide.


Lunes, Abril 20, 2009

'bet you know this!

can never get enough of this...

Harry Potter has been a movie I have followed so long , from different parts, from one sequel to another. I have actually tried reading the book but I think I'm not just the bookworm person who would just settle at one corner of the house and try to finish one chapter over the other.

Anyways, Because I am god damn lazy to follow the story through the book, I took the other course, DVD tapes! jejejeje...

Its rather strangely fascinating how your lazy mind can think of brilliant lazy options for you lazy body. jejeje..

How to Make a Paper Book Cover

Cut along the side seam of a brown paper grocery bag and cut out the bottom of the bag. You will be left with a rectangular sheet of paper that measures approximately 17 by 36 inches.
Place the paper horizontally on a flat work surface - logo side up.
Set your book on top of the paper. Center the book and use a pencil to mark the paper along the top and bottom edges of the book.
Remove the book from the paper and fold the top and bottom edges toward the center of the paper from the marked lines. Your book cover will now be the same height as your book.
Set the book, open, back on the paper, aligning it with the folds. Center the book and fold the left and right edges of the paper over the front and back covers of the book.
Check that the left edge of the paper reaches halfway across the inside front cover and that the right edge covers the same distance on the back cover when the book is closed. Trim the right and left edges of the paper if necessary.
Keep the left and right edges of the paper folded in on the front and back covers of the book.
Tape each fold in place at the top and bottom of the paper to form pockets for the front and back covers of the book. Use transparent cellophane tape and be sure not to tape the book itself.
Decorate the book cover with crayons, stickers or rubber stamps.

highly contagious shoes

I think my sister in China is going nuts thinking about her collection of shoes!

I really don't know but her compulsion over her collection of shoes is way over than usual. She practically spent more than half of her earnings as a lead vocalist in their band in China just for those shoes she's been keeping in her closet for a very long time now.

Wollah!!! And what a surprise his husband is also now starting to collect shoes, i see it's so highly contagious.

The reason why I knew about her husband was that when I checked my sisters closet along side with her collection are yummy and fabulous Mens Shoes! And the wide array of Mens Shoes i saw was hmmmm... strangely fascinating to my eye, jejeje.

My brother in law was actually bragging about his new Bostonian Shoes which he bought just recently. Hmmm... I wonder now if he would let me borrow some of his collection.jejeje.. He was actually telling me how comfortable his new Bostonian Shoes was in his feet., the texture, the color - very very fabulous!

I'm actually considering now to have some collections of my own... jejeje - ' told you it's infectious. Mwuah!

yellOw-Phoenix r.n. - i talk !

Cirrhosis of the liver

What is cirrhosis of the liver?

Cirrhosis is scarring of the liver that involves the formation of fibrous (scar) tissue associated with the destruction of the normal architecture of the organ. It is the result of long-standing injury most commonly due to alcohol in excess but there are a number of other important causes.

The destruction of the normal architecture and the loss of liver cells prevents the liver from functioning normally. It plays an important part in digestion of food but it also has a major role in metabolising drugs and making proteins, including those that help the blood to clot.

Cirrhosis is a serious condition. Only 30 per cent of patients with this problem will survive five years after diagnosis and the outlook is worse if the cause is alcohol and the patient continues to drink.

What are the causes of the inflammation that leads to cirrhosis of the liver?

Alcohol excess: the rate of cirrhosis in a country is directly related to the average alcohol consumption in that country. Half of all cases of cirrhosis are due to alcohol excess.

Chronic viral hepatitis: the two important viruses are hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Cirrhosis due to hepatitis B is common in Africa and Asia. Hepatitis C is increasing in importance both in Europe and the US. Hepatitis A (infectious hepatitis) does not cause cirrhosis.

Primary biliary cirrhosis: this is an uncommon disease mainly affecting women. It is not due to alcohol. For some reason the body mounts an attack on the liver in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis.

Autoimmune chronic active hepatitis: another uncommon condition that results in the body's immune system attacking and destroying liver cells.

Drugs and chemicals: a number of drugs and chemicals can cause liver damage but few cause cirrhosis. Certain specialised drugs need monitoring for their effect on the liver.

Metabolic and inherited disorders: These are a number of uncommon conditions that allow the accumulation of toxins in the liver. The commonest is haemochromatosis, which causes excess deposits of iron in the liver.

What are the symptoms of liver cirrhosis?

The symptoms will depend on how much damage has occurred to the liver.

In the early stages there may be no symptoms at all and the disease may be discovered as a result of an investigation for another illness.

As the disease progresses, tiredness, weakness, lack of energy, loss of appetite, nausea and weight loss may develop.

In the later stages the liver is struggling to perform all its functions and any or all of the following symptoms may be present.

Jaundice: this is the yellowing of the skin (jaundice) and the eyes due to the failure of the liver to remove a substance called bilirubin from the blood.

Nail changes: the shape and appearance of the nails may change. They may be more curved (clubbing) and they may be white rather than pink.

Skin changes: about a quarter of patients will have darkening of the skin.

Fluid retention: this is common at some stage in cirrhosis. An important function of the liver is to rid the body of excess fluid through the kidneys and when it fails, fluid gathers in the legs (oedema) or in the abdomen (ascites).

Abnormal blood vessels: the commonest abnormality is a spider naevus, which is a spot surrounded by fine blood vessels. A red face is also common.

Easy bruising: nosebleeds and easy bruising occur as a result of abnormal blood vessels and delayed clotting because the liver does not make enough clotting proteins.

Enlargement of breasts in men: the liver destroys the female sex hormones and in cirrhosis these accumulate and cause enlargement of the breasts and shrinking of the testes in men.

In the very late stages of the disease, serious complications may occur. These include vomiting of blood, either from ulcers in the stomach or from leaking varicose veins in the lower end of the oesophagus (gullet). This is serious and requires hospital treatment.

The liver is responsible for removing poisonous substances from the blood. In cirrhosis, the blood may bypass the liver and these poisonous substances pass to the brain where they may result in alteration in brain function, causing confusion, drowsiness and finally coma. This is called hepatic encephalopathy. This is also serious and requires hospital treatment.

Who is at risk?

The more alcohol a person drinks, the more likely they are to develop cirrhosis. Women seem to be more susceptible than men. It is therefore advisable to restrict alcohol consumption to 28 units a week for men and 21 units a week for women (a unit of alcohol is a single measure of spirits, a half pint of ordinary beer or lager or a standard size glass of wine).

Patients who have ongoing infection with hepatitis B or hepatitis C virus.

Patients with primary biliary cirrhosis or autoimmune chronic active hepatitis.

Patients with metabolic or inherited disorders.

How can cirrhosis of the liver be prevented?

Limit the intake of alcohol.

Alcoholics should seek help.

Precautions should be taken to avoid getting hepatitis and if it is contracted it is important that it is treated.

Avoid contact with toxic chemicals at work.

go O R G A N I C ...

Does the sight of your yard when you come home after a long day send you into a downward spiral of depression? Do you have bare patches on your lawn? Do you have weeds that are growing out of control? (- you've got to learn natural lawn care )

Are you almost to go nuts trying all of the mumbo jumbos, home remedies, and brand-new tools as soon as they hit the market, only to have your lawn stay the same crispy brown it always is? (- you've got to learn natural lawn care )

Are you absolutely desperate to have your lawn become the glittering, lushy, thick carpet of beautiful grass your neighbor mows all the time? (- you've got to learn natural lawn care )

If you have the right knowledge about natural lawn care and tools at your disposal, you can turn your grass into that ideal vision you've always dreamed about. If you wish to do it at the same time helping mother earth then you spell - O R G A N I C .

Organic fertilizers, unlike synthetic ones, will help improve the soil, allowing the soil to better retain more nutrients and moisture. Organic fertilizers release nutrients in a controlled, time-released fashion.

In addition to its given benefit in helping improve the environment and decreasing the chances of accelerated disease in your family, going organic can provide mental and physical benefits, long-term money-savings, and increased vitamin and mineral content in your soil, among other things.

See? The benefits of going organic in your lawn and garden are exponential!

So if you wish to learn more on the hows and whats of natural lawn care just click their site. In fact, this post can lead you their just click the highlighted words and you'll get there in a snap.

when to say - STOP !


Most of the people drink for a whole range of reasons, but the most common one of all is just to be social.(Oh, c'mon !) This usually starts around high school or university and continue on into adulthood as we continue to socialize with adults, but the real root reasons for continuing to drink alcohol may never be known to us.

Our drinking habits can be influenced greatly by depression and stress, as we drink to forget or to feel relaxed to a point that our happiness is dependent on the contents of a green bottle.

For majority of us it just becomes habit forming like drinking a coke in the morning or smoking a cigarette after meals; alcohol intake is just another daily action. Although these habits in moderation can be considered acceptable, it becomes an issue when the frequency of the habit gets out of control.

A real tell tale symptom about going out and drinking is when you can't enjoy yourself without a drink inside you. If this is your case it may the time to consider the possibility that your habit has turned into an addiction.

When you have to begin explaining your decisions to your family and friends it should just be sufficient enough to tell them that you just want to refrain from drinking. It is quite understandable that you may not want to announce this decision out loud to everyone in your life, so here are a few examples of good excuses you can give for not drinking.

I've got to drive later...I have an interview in the morning...I'm on medication...I'm just too full from dinner...My other half will kill me...I've still got some work to do tonight.

It really doesn't matter which reason you choose, the important thing is to not falter and not to be persuaded otherwise. If your buddy tries to bully you into just having one, then call it a night and find something else to do either on your own or with non drinkers.


The first step to a good masonry project is choosing the right product. But, with such a wide selection how do you decide?

Why do the thinking when your finger can do the clicking -> Hartford Masonry

Hiring Hartford Masonry is the same as hiring any other contractor. Finding the right masonry contractor for the job simply involves spending a little time doing some research.Many people tend to use the phone book when they need to find anything.Using the phone book is still considered one of the best ways of looking for a local service but there are other methods. Ask your closest friends because they'll probably recommend you the best masonry contractor there is. And guess what? you might end up clicking this same exact words -> Hartford Masonry

Hartford Masonry specializes in Chimney Cleanings & Repairs, Stainless Steel Chimney Liners Installation, Repointing / Rebuilding, Masonry Repairs, Chimney Caps Installation. This masonry company utilizes state of the art equipment so customers are guaranteed of quality fast job done squeaky clean.

Check their site -> Hartford Masonry


Sketching - this has been one of the pastimes I have been doing lately. I really don't intend to put my work in portrait but I also have no plans of putting it in garbage. I just actually keep it in my closet. In fact when my mom cleaned my room last week, she found one piece of my not so regal masterpieces jejeje... She was even surprised I know how to play tricks with pencil.

Sketching has been one of the most convenient way for me to ease out some stress from work. When I feel like I don't wanna talk to anybody what I usually do is to just put out a pen and a paper and start scribbling. I really I wished I am good at this. I have even read about those guys who can sketch fast. And they have found use of themselves huh... some even in the court room as court room artists.

The ability to quickly record impressions through sketching was found varied purposes in today's culture. Courtroom artists are usually sketchers. Sketches drawn to help authorities find or identify wanted people are called composite sketches. Street performers in popular tourist areas often include artists who sketch portraits within minutes.

A sketch method of reproducing photographs is done with a photographic enlarger in a dark room. The negative image is projected on the paper where the sketch is to be done. All the light shades are penciled until the paper is all the same shade.

Really wished new these things more intensely...


Eighty-five years of service and credibility, eighty five long years of customer rapport and satisfaction. Stride Rite has been the leading company which specializes in designing and engineering kids sneakers specifically to meet the demands of a growing active kid. The companies mission is to encourage kids and support parents by developing and marketing products that help children embrace life's possibilities and adventures with confidence.

The company, Stride Rite understands that the shoes of every kid is not just like the shoes of every regular individual. The company recognizes the fact that the life of any toddler is equally important in every stages of life hence they try as far as their company's resource to meet these demands of a growing child.

Being in an active phase of life, durability is more than a keyword to an effective kids' shoe. The makers of Robeez, Saucony Kidz and Tsukihoshi is proud to say that every single shoe they created is built to encourage the natural growth and development of every child's growing feet.

For them foot development is spelled as - STRIDE RITE.


This is our unit trip in Salumay, Bukidnon. Its a very cold place going east part of the country. These peeps here are my friends, ehem.. well some of them still are, the others?? can't tell. you see it's really when the trust is broken that you'll never get to fix it sometimes... thats a lesson learned the hard way... fortunately not by me.. hehehe...

Anywayzzz, for you people out there if you wish to pass by Bukidnon you can visit this nice serene place somewhere in Salumay. Mwuah!

yellow-PHOENIX r.n. – I talk!


Did you know that beans are leading cause of gas build up?
An expert recommends soaking beans overnight and draining the water before you cook them; this helps to get rid of hard to digests carbohydrates. Or take a remedy which contains alpha-galactosidase. Alpha-galactosidase is an enzyme that helps you digest the beans without sound effects.
To ease gas pressure, gently massage your abdomen. Or use your fingertips on the acupressure point three finger-widths below your navel. (If you may be pregnant, don’t do either of these without consulting your OB-GYN)

WANTED : Resumes

Almost every year graduates from different universities are bound to look for a job both for professional enhancement and monetary concerns. Aside from making themselves presentable to the employers who will apparently screen them if they are fitted for the job. They also need to make the best impression they can give via their resumes.

I have the same dilemma encountered during the first time I seek for employment as a nurse. Just recently as I was looking for work opportunities abroad, I came across with this web site who says that they will be paying you if you will be able to post your resume in their site. That's the most brilliant thing I have ever seen in the whole wide world of internet. The fact is, it is indeed difficult to create resume that will surely impress the employers, that's why it is so nice to know that you can earn out of making a nice resume. I happen to view the site and it's some sort of a resume assistant on line. Splendidly fascinating!

So what are you waiting for? Post resume free now on their site and learn more how to earn. Good luck!

knowing ASTHMA...

Understanding Asthma - Symptoms
What Are the Symptoms of Asthma?

Asthma symptoms include episodes of:

* Tightness or pressure in the chest.
* Shortness of breath.
* Wheezing (a high-pitched whistling sound that occurs when exhaling).
* Coughing, especially at night.

Early warning signs of the onset of an asthma attack include:

* Signs of a cold.
* Frequent cough, especially at night.
* The need to use your rescue inhaler.
* Losing your breath easily (exercise-induced bronchospasm).
* A decrease in lung function, as measured by a spirometer or peak flow meter.

Call Your Doctor About Asthma If:

* You or another person is experiencing an asthma attack for the first time. Asthma can quickly become serious if not treated promptly and properly.
* Your rescue inhaler (usually albuterol) does not work to relieve your symptoms within 20 minutes.
* You or the person with asthma cannot talk in complete sentences. Other things to look for: flaring nostrils; the skin between the ribs is sucked in with each breath; the lips or the skin under the nails appear grayish or bluish. These are all signs of extreme oxygen deprivation. Get immediate emergency treatment.

My bros' dilemma ...

My brother's not so big mouth have been mocking me for days about his recent project for his house in Ohio,USA. He intends to make some improvements to his house and make it more pleasant to his eyes. He actually bought his place from his friend and some of parts of the house are practically due for retirement already. jejejeje ( he actually sent me some of his houses' pics.)The doorknobs are busted technically for repair, and the exterior shutters aren't so good already.

I really don't have to be a prophet just to know what my brother wanted from me, in an instant i sent him this site for inuiries about his houses' exterior shutters.

Wanna check it for yourself? Give it a try - exterior shutters

yellow-PHOENIX r.n. – I talk!


Potato, potahto. No matter how you say it, everyone agrees that it’s both healthy and delicious. It’s rich in minerals, and vitamin B and C. Plus.,’tatoes are a good source of fiber, low in sodium and recommended for those high in blood pressure or suffer from kidney stones.
Another plus is that potatoes are an energizing and sufficient source of carbohydrates perfect for the weight conscious. If you can skip the sour cream and butter over your baked potato and eat the proper foods on the side, then you’ll be on your way to a leaner, healthier bod.

Chevrolet Van Radiator - just a click away...

Chevrolet Van Radiators are those parts in your van that isn't so easy to find these days. Unless you've got millions and you want to buy in bulk so you'll get to be delivered all the Chevrolet Van Radiators there is available.

But you haven't got the millions to be unreasonable, and all you have is your old dusty PC hooked in the internet. Stop worrying, that is exactly what you only need to find easily this seemingly very elusive Chevrolet Van Radiators. Yes a click in the internet is all you need. Stop calling all those numbers with usually annoying receptionists on the other line. Stop looking in the papers with small fonts your eyes can hardly see.

What you ought to do?

JUST CLICK THIS -> Chevrolet Van Radiator


yellow-PHOENIX r.n. – I talk!


Got a sweet tooth but can’t forgo sugary drinks? Don’t fret! Dietitians say you don’t have to go sweet-celibate. Switch to drinks with less sugar like natural fruit juices or diet soft drinks (the new Coke Light has less than one calorie) instead of the calorie-loaded frap that you always order. The good thing about it is you can still pseudo-binge with soda with a diet can in hand. The sweet flavor is made possible by the low calorie sweeteners. By choosing from a variety of different sweeteners, manufacturers can blend one to match beverage formulations and better appeal to all consumer tastes and preferences. They make your diet changing not as drastic as plastic surgery and yes, you can still watch that bod while satisfying those buds.

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A life in misery no more with single parent chat room ...

Becoming a single parent isn't a decision many people make lightly, if the decision has been theirs to make at all. The vast majority of single parents I know became one parent families through having been abandoned, widowed or physically abused.

Apparently being one is not an easy task. You live by yourself and decide by your self. More than that, you also need to face the consequences of your decisions. Later on your journey alone you'll get to realize that you don't have to be alone.

This site single parent chat room will tell you why. And more than that, single parent chat room will show you that you are not the only person in this world who have this kind of struggle. With this site, you'll get to learn from the experiences of others and can probably ask some suggestions from other single parents who have problems like yours.

Single parent chat room will be your window to other single parents, this will be like your portal to their world without you leaving your premises. There's life after an endless battery, there's life after the loss of your partner and single parent chat room will show you how nice life can be..

SAN JUANICO BRIDGE - definitely not just a bridge over troubled water...



F.Y.I. - insights on web hosting

What is web hosting ?

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to provide their own website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server they own for use by their clients as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center. Web hosts can also provide data center space and connectivity to the Internet for servers they do not own to be located in their data center, called colocation.

This post is actually created to give few insights for new bloggers like me about the conept of web hosting. If you wish to know web hosting in a more intensive point of view. You can just click the highlighted words in this post and the rest will just pop up. Just like magic. Wanna try? You can start by clicking this -> web hosting


how to you wait in a fashionable manner... try this!

1. start by counting how many cabs that have passed infront of you. very basic.

2. dont get dismayed, when you ran out of cabs to count, try counting the persons who passed by you.

3. be innovative. you can also try looking through a magnifying glass while you count the people passing. by that, you dont get to miss a single passer by.

4. go hi-tech. you can try to open the camera of your mobile phone and try counting them there.

5. try being artistic.. you count while you paint 'em... easy huh?

6. you can also go viciously irrational, try counting the passers by through every bottle of

budweiser you drink.

7. you can also go with the universal law of gluttony, take a glass full of yogurt with every

person you see.

8. 0r? you can be saintly. you pray with every person you see that will pass by you.

.... and after your right senses will redeem you? try consulting a psychiatrist, ok?? jejeje

“Baby I will wait for you, cause I don’t know what else I can do.” by ♥Love vs Chocolate♥

yellow-PHOENIX r.n. – I talk!

Hi! yellow-PHOENIX r.n. here. I am a registered nurse and currently working in a government hospital in the Philippines. This will be a spot in my blog which will contain bits and pieces concerning health enhancement and even more (I believe, hehehe). From now on I will be trying my best to share and enlighten others about our precious health.
See yah!

Can't buy me love - sugar daddy dating

Sometimes some people work hard to provide themselves with a better future. Making themselves on the top of their league. Now after giving all their time just enough that they are able to get almost everything they wanted in life and in their careers, they'll eventually realize that they have spent so much of their time looking for money and leaving one of the many important aspects in life - LOVE.

And so they say- "Money can't buy everything..." True? Perhaps. You may be able to buy the person, his/her body, but the feelings? what's inside his/her mind? those are some things your money just can't buy.

Every one has the right to be happy... it is probably one of the many reasons why sugar daddy dating is created. To help these guys look for people who matches their personality and points of view in life.

"What about love?" - says the lyrics of the song Lemar so brilliantly sung. Things come in the right time. In the wide world of internet, people can never be sure of what awaits them. Chatting in sugar daddy dating may be a first step to a wonderful things to happen in the future.

Can't buy love? Maybe. But you can always take chances on sugar daddy dating.

Check the site. hmmmm..... get ready for love then.

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'bet you know this! - Regine reignes!


MARIAH SAYS : So the brown monkey can sing...

REGINE SAYS : Yes the brown monkey can sing better than the black monkey...

Regine a certified belter, has belted out platinum, gold and other award winning albums with awards and citations on various records that she had created. She is no less, the best filipina singer so far!

yellow - phoenix RN ... i talk !!!

Question: What is Acne?


Acne at its most basic is a disorder of the pilosebaceous unit, or what is commonly called the hair follicle or pore. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it is the most common skin disorder in the United States. Acne vulgaris, as common acne is known, is classified as a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin.

Acne is characterized by the presence of pimples or "zits", blackheads, and whiteheads. It chiefly affects the face, neck, chest, back, and/or upper arms of sufferers. Rarely you will find acne in other areas of the body. Acne varies in development from very mild to extremely severe.

Acne is a complex problem, but we are learning more about it every day. While there is no cure, many treatment options are available to those who have acne. It takes time and patience, but nearly every case of acne can be controlled successfully.

I happen to come accross an article about ome of the popular skincare company in the world. When I read the article I was quite fascinated of what it can do and the things they can offer most especially because most of my nephews and niece heve acne.

Typically, an acne treatment comes in the form of either topical (on the skin) or oral remedies. But, the skincare industry is jam packed with gimmicky ads and flashy packaging,(not with strivectin, though) so consumers should always examine the ingredients in an acne treatment and discuss which product would be best with their primary care physician or dermatologist.

strivectin is one of the more popular skincare companies in the world as a whole. Reasons why this company has prevailed among the skincare magi are clear; competitive and extremely innovative solutions for aging skin. Although the strivectin SD was originally formulated for stretch marks, it now takes the form of a breakthrough anti-aging facial cream and other skin care products

strivectin has actually this Kamins Acne Starter Kit. When I read about the product info I learned that they had clinical studies and tests to boost of it's efficacy. Told my sis already about this and my niece and nephews are definitely gonna be trying these products. Check out the site -> strivectin



On our way to Tacloban City we got stucked waiting to get for a boat going to Tacloban and while we were there, we had the chance to go island hopping. guys, this is BASOL ISLAND.

Basol island is an isolated place somewhere in Surigao. The place is nice very private very soothing. It's definitely a place for those already stressed out in the city life. Its the best place to throw off that free radicals in the system of ones body to shed off that great bulk of stress. Anywayz check the pics guyz and get stucked!

Keep posted for my next article on places explored... ( - on EXLAP )