Miyerkules, Abril 22, 2009

it's not just a bag, it's a Retail Bag

Imagine this, you went shopping to this very huge mall, neat, clean and very elegant. Thinking that it is the best mall where you can find the best things you think suited your moneys worth, you went straight ahead of the 10th floor looking for different apparels and perfumes perhaps.

When you went your way to the boutique which first caught your eye, you happen to have your eyes glued on a very stylish dress the mannequin is wearing, stylish indeed that it costs more than half of the paycheck you have received a week ago. So you scrutinized the dress well, thinking probably of the very occasion when you're going to wear that dress. Then you decided. That dress will go to my closet! You take out your credit card and told the mall assistant that you're going to get that dress. The mall assistant in an instant got you that dress and billed you accordingly, after which she wrapped that same dress in a roll using an old news paper of you don't know what issue that was! And it was undoubtedly a total nightmare! A disaster! A stylish, elegant dress wrapped in an old newspaper!

The world of marketing is stiff, it has competitors looking always at you when you take your false move. A part of marketing is making your merchandise presentable before and after it is bought out from your store. Good marketing thinking will tell you that you just can't wrap expensive shoes and stylish clothes with an old piece of paper or whatever it is. That is exactly the reason why there are;

Retail Bags... What better way can you think to promote your retail products is through the bags it comes along with. Different sizes of bags of different shapes and colors which somehow depicts the kind of business you got.

Bags, bags, bags and a lot of bags - but it is not just any other bags they are ; Retail Bag. All types of bags are available in clear or color films; they may sometimes be white, black, blue, red, yellow, gray, green in both tints and opaque stylish designs. And they also have bags available with bottom gussets, tapered lips, perforated lips, inside or outside flips, air holes, butterfly vents and hanger cut outs. These bags will not just wrap your merchandise appropriately but will give your customers the impression that they are served by professionals.

Remember it's not just a bag, it's a Retail Bag.