Sabado, Abril 18, 2009

Leaving for a new place...

Guess what, we are just waiting for our visa for our migration at Abu Dhabi. A work as a SICU Nurse is already waiting for us there. Everything will hopefully be alright. When I had a talk with my mom she was actually excited too but was kinda worried on the kind of place that we will be staying there, the water? the electricity? the home furnitures?

and I paused and contemplated for a while. Yes, how about the home furnitures... Being new in the place, I ofcourse need to know where to get this and that... what is cheaper where? And my, so I thought I already have everything arranged, guess not.

So I went to my laptop, switched it on and scroll some sites about home furnitures. Wollah! Found one with a very very very very very long lists of home furnitures available in their store!

From the things you can see in the dining the dining room, to the state of the art entertainment centers , even a wide list of outdoor furnitures and a wonderful collection of Bathroom Vanities, office furniture and a whole lot more !

woahhh... ' told you it's quite a long list. and then I smiled, it turned out that with the great deals they are offering hmmmm... my worries are over, home furniture that is ? Yes, home furnitures they've got! Mwuah!