Miyerkules, Abril 22, 2009

Me, my monster bed and my lost good night sleep...

I was feeling quite hot tempered lately probably because I wasn't able to get much sleep. My monster bed kept on squeaking all night that I didn't get my most precious sleep leaving me half awake almost the entire part of my supposed to be good night sleep.

And whats rather more annoying is that my monster bed moves also every time I move. This is torture on the very sense of the word! How I wish I had a sleeping pill with me so that I won't be able to notice how annoying my bed was.

The day after my night of torment, I had decided to look at some new elegant designs of bed on the net. (Yes, I am going to fire that bed inside my room! and when I said fire what I meant was to literally lit a fire on it, jejejeeje kidding...)

Consequently, I came across this website of Time4sleep in the net and among the many Metal Beds displayed on their website what caught my eye the most was the Windsor design. It seemed very still, very regal and big.

You see, I am a person who spends more than half of my vacant time at room. Most often, I am on my bed during breakfast, lunch and dinner. The TV and the DVD player is just actually in my room so I don't get to go out of my room that often and this Metal Beds - Windsor design is I think just the right match for me. By the way it looks, this type of Metal Beds seemed very durable. Hmmmmm.... I wonder how fast it can be delivered if I will order one ? I'll better call my bro in US first for some, you know... jejeje assistance... mwuah!