Biyernes, Abril 17, 2009

The right kind of gear... - Blackhawk Holsters

Gearing up is not just about hanging anything in your body. It has got to have it's purpose. Convenience, Accessibility and Practicability.

My sister in China is actually asking me to look for any store for her American Military friend who happens to pay her a visit in their place. His friend is actually telling her to help him look for any solution to organize every single gadget he is wearing in his body. Some nosy gadgets huh!

My sister not knowing anything about all these, asked me to look for that store whatever part of the world it is located. Why, am I suddenly an part of the net now? For crying out loud, I even don't have gadgets of my own, she's gotta be kidding me.

So being an obedient brother that I am, I started browsing the web and read about Blackhawk Holsters. It is actually about a blackhawk serpa tactical holsters, it was actually offered with a hat. The way I looked at it, it's definitely one brilliant piece of a tactical gear. Aside from the Blackhawk Holsters shown on the site, there were also other equally fascinating gadgets shown. But this Blackhawk Holsters thing? this has got to be the one my sister's friend is looking. Wanna bet? jejeje