Lunes, Abril 20, 2009

highly contagious shoes

I think my sister in China is going nuts thinking about her collection of shoes!

I really don't know but her compulsion over her collection of shoes is way over than usual. She practically spent more than half of her earnings as a lead vocalist in their band in China just for those shoes she's been keeping in her closet for a very long time now.

Wollah!!! And what a surprise his husband is also now starting to collect shoes, i see it's so highly contagious.

The reason why I knew about her husband was that when I checked my sisters closet along side with her collection are yummy and fabulous Mens Shoes! And the wide array of Mens Shoes i saw was hmmmm... strangely fascinating to my eye, jejeje.

My brother in law was actually bragging about his new Bostonian Shoes which he bought just recently. Hmmm... I wonder now if he would let me borrow some of his collection.jejeje.. He was actually telling me how comfortable his new Bostonian Shoes was in his feet., the texture, the color - very very fabulous!

I'm actually considering now to have some collections of my own... jejeje - ' told you it's infectious. Mwuah!