Huwebes, Abril 16, 2009

TRICK OR TREAT !!! - the best family reunion we had.

Trick or treat!

We just had the best family reunion last October. Although it's quiet impossible to turn back time but I guess with our age right now it's still never too late to play funny games out of ourselves.

Our family together with our other relatives decided to have a Halloween Costumes on our reunion. Fascinating because most of the sisters of my mother really spent so much to find a costume of their own. I was kinda difficult in our part to find costumes since most of the costumes available are for kids.

Actually together with my cousins, we strolled and searched every corners of the malls of Davao City to look for our costumes but all we found where sign boards saying "AVAILABLE Boys Halloween Costumes and Girls Halloween Costumes."

Heavens! Where in the world are we going to find our costumes for our reunion. My mom have to unload her entire closet just to look for her wedding dress the same dress she wore during their wedding with my dad of course!

My dad dared that he will be wearing one of the oldest briefs he had and play the part of a porno star! is he going nuts!? Everybody was practically going gaga over this costume party. I was thinking of wearing my nursing uniform during the party but isn't that so predictable in my part? Grrrrrr... my bro in states was actually farting off and laughing the whole time when he knew about our plan in our reunion party. He even wanted to go home for the party but sady he can't.

Alas! the time has come. The party! True enough many of the kids; boys and girls during the party had a great costume. Some wore a Tinker bell, Others wore fairy costumes, most of the boys though wore batman and superman costumes. My mom, as planned wore her wedding dress, and my dad,...yeah he wore his brief!... jejejeje but with 4 rolls of tissue paper covered over his body - his the mummy! Great! just dont remove the tissue papers ok? and me? yeah just as expected - the nurse. jejejeje