Miyerkules, Abril 15, 2009

Get enlightened - Catholic Chat City

I am a practicing catholic I go to church and attend the holy mass. For the longest time, the word of God is just limited to the four corners of the walls of the church, bible sharing sessions, lectures during religion study and the likes. I don't know but a smile was painted on my face when I bumped into this site Catholic Chat City, well probably because at long last people have been raising their consciousness on enhancing their relationship to God by knowing more about our religion. Used to be some people finds it rather more difficult to listen to gospels and go to bible sharing because of circumstances that is beyond their control, very far churches, very far centers or groups for sharing the word of God; and whats rather more difficult is when you are physically incapable of doing such like in the case of handicapped individuals. The world of internet is apparently a big world for everyone, somebody enlightened by a powerful being above have somehow created a spot on this wide world of internet for connecting to other people and share insights to those who desires to talk about spiritual nourishment.

And what an accessible way to gain new insights is through this Catholic Chat City - with this site we get to have friends from different parts of the globe while at the same time we get to compare our understanding on our concept of Catholicism with theirs in as far as our culture and environmental differences are concerned. Gone will be the days where most people dwell in talking of nonsense issues over the internet, gone will be the days when the earthly desires rule over the minds of innocent individuals in the internet. Angels are every where, and with this site we can be an angel to others and bring them back to their faith to God through Catholic Chat City.

I think that it is time for us to mature and to grow more not just physically but spiritually as well. While it is true that no religion can save us but the hope that a lot of friends gained through Catholic Chat City are praying for you and your family and looking over you to remind you always to become a better person that you are is a great relief already. The ultimate dream to be with God at the end of the world is never impossible.

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