Miyerkules, Abril 22, 2009

Madness in the middle of April !

What??? chicken Halloween costumes in the middle of April??? Here's the story guys...

My friends have been thinking of what better way to celebrate my despidida party, others were thinking of celebrating it in the beach, overnight stay perhaps, with tents all over the white sands of Samal Beach bringing along marinated pork ready for the grill. But some of my friends said that they have been to the beach lately, it's summer right? So the option was not considered.

My other not so naughty friend thought of spending it in a bar with girls, ehem... dancing on various levels of ledges, others perhaps on the poles doing their thing but, my wife said it's garbage,.. so garbage it is... jejejeje

My mom, out of the craziness she experienced when we had our Halloween Party insisted that we rent a vacant house and celebrate their wearing costumes of different horrible monsters. Going nuts??? Apparently, because my wife actually approved of it, in fact my bother in US will be coming home this time and is very excited to look for costumes already. (There's one crazy Frasco going home...) In fact he had bought already chicken Halloween costumes from an internet site in their place.

You heard it right, that's chicken Halloween costumes for the three of us!(that's together with my other bro, so there's three crazy Frasco wearing chicken Halloween costumes. silly, this is getting worst')And what's more worst? He's spending everything in my despidida, so the chicken Halloween costumes? it's in the bag already! Good Lord! Wish me luck!