Miyerkules, Abril 22, 2009

No man is an island...

"No man is an island..."

There it goes, it is indeed true that no man can live alone. Man is a social being. That is a general fact, it is therefore very important for us to interact and to connect to other individuals.

By saying man, it technically means any human being existing all over the globe. Men, Women, Children, irregardless of gender and capabilities our need to connect and to interact as a social being should be of great concern. Even those who cannot walk and are just isolated inside the four corners of their room.

The internet is a big world, a part of that big world has a soft spot for the handicapped individuals. Needless to explain the existence of handicap chat, this is the site in the internet who caters for our handicapped brothers who equally exercise their right to socialize and to mingle with other being be it handicapped or non handicapped.

Believing that somebody is destined for each one of us is so likely true in the world of internet, there seemingly is a spot for any individual to connect.

To everyone, you can always connect, start here -> handicap chat