Miyerkules, Abril 15, 2009

Make a difference...

Education is not just about opportunities. Different people may have different understanding on what education really is all about. I practically have a different understanding on what it is all about, infact I even spelled it differently, for me I spell education as; M Y F U T U R E .

What you do in your life today determines the kind of life you will be having in the future. Enhancing your self in an as early time as possible can greatly affect how well you can better your life in the future. A quality education therefore is a key that opens all types of doors to vast land of opportunities.

During my usual net surfing routines I happen to bump into a site of an online education. When I read the site I particularly got focused on their company's statement "A higher degree, A higher purpose", strangely the line brought back my memories during my schooling days where I needed to really tighten up my belt to save my allowances for future expenses at school. I even resorted to working to a fast food chain just so that I can support myself in pursuing my education. When I continued reading the site. I was so amazed about the offers this online education company is actually giving to their students. They actually have this scholarship program thing and a program about tuition saving opportunities. Heavens! Why have none like this existed during the time where I needed to sweat all out the things I needed for my education. My view is that not only this company ensures quality education but more than that they make sure that their students can really finish their degree by providing options that help these students in terms of their finances at school, and that is making this company different from others.

Most of the people around the globe never get the chance to finish high school, leave alone college. For these people, there may be no opportunities that much to later on advance in life in the future. This is particularly true when these people get to have families of their own to raise. But then again, if I may have a personal view about the issue. For me, ignorance nowadays is not just a matter of circumstance but is rather a decision one created.

Having plans of going abroad as a registered nurse, I was thinking of taking of Masters Degreee, I actually happen to scroll about their program on Masters in mental health counseling or I'll just probably take one of their Certificate Programs under Psychology with an option on organizational psychology and development.

Hmmmm... continuing education? that would surely be a long road - but I'll get to it.