Biyernes, Abril 24, 2009

A sight of stars and moon inside your room - fascinating? think again..

You have had a very stressful day at work. Your back aches, your neck is kinda stiff already and all you wanted to do is rest and have a good night sleep. Few kilometers away from home you've been thinking of the smooth pillow laid against your cheek, and ahhh yes, the comfort of your very cozy nice home.

You parked your car just perfectly right at your parking lot. Slowly glided as you entered your home sweet home. You went directly to your room, headed to the shower and took a warm nice shower, dried your self thoroughly and laid your back in the comfort of your bed.

Lying in your seemed to be very relaxing, very relaxing while you watch the stars up in the sky, observing how round and bright the blue moon is - then you think... stars? moon? Where the hell was your...

Your roof you had repaired a week ago by a contractor of you don't even know was again damaged, apparently the repair cost of you damaged roof have been doubled because you opted to pick a cheaper contractor without so much of quality service.

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