Biyernes, Abril 10, 2009

PROFITFUEL - putting drama in performance advertising

When every thing's going down. When it seemed that the world is turning its back against you, Should you need to feel lowly? Come on. Get a life. That has got to be the most pathetic reaction there is.

During my stint as a former medical representative in one of the multinational pharmaceutical companies here in the Philippines, I was trained to take every opportunity as if it's your last. And was able to learn how to create a market when there seemingly is none.

The 7 Habits. Got the chance to know about it. And what stuck in my mind?

Be PROACTIVE. Look at the bright side. There surely is every opportunity hiding amidst even to the most negative of all situations. Take this.The dollar has been sliding for the past 20 months (ouch! excruciatingly low, that is..), as overseas investors, worried about the growing U.S. trade deficit, continue selling off greenbacks. But so far, the decline has been gradual. And that, if it continues, could be good news indeed for U.S. corporate profits. And why is that so? David Huether, chief economist of the National Association of Manufacturers, sees the weaker dollar adding two percentage points, worth $17.5 billion, to earnings growth this year. See? these facts are actually taken from the BusinessWeek online magazine. That's absolutely a very crystal clear example of taking the positive edge out of a negative situation.

Being proactive then is becoming ProfitFuel.

ProfitFuel is one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America which operates on the premise that small businesses need to have an experienced partner to help optimize digital media opportunities. Their mission, very brilliantly conceptualized, is to be the engine that drives sales growth for their clients. Their vision is to build a company that succeeds on every front – client satisfaction, employee retention, financial performance and social responsibility. Now need I say more?

Yes. There's drama in marketing.