Miyerkules, Abril 15, 2009

X man Origins: WOLVERINE - Hugh Jackman, the best wolverine there is.

My brother in the US saw a press screening a week ago about X man Origins: WOLVERINE and boy! he says, he very much enjoyed the movie. He said it was a great comic book movie. Sure not the best, but a very great ride. Hugh Jackman is always good as Wolverine and he really enjoyed the villain. The action was solid and the story (of course) was great he added. He hope they do more 'Origin' movies about the main X Men. During our childhood we both loved to watch the cartoon series of X man,even during our chat with my bro over the phone, I was kinda excited to watch the movie alrready. I liked hearing his story and how he became Wolverine. My brother said he was really on the edge of my seat during the final fight, it was so entertaining and so cool. The special effects were amazing. He added he will hopefully see this movie again and will highly recommend it. Yeah.. I hope I'll get the chance to see the movie too.