Biyernes, Abril 10, 2009

Ellen Degeneres sighted anew - “Rin on the Rox”

“Rin on the Rox” are bestfriends Rin and Roxanne who do cover songs inside their bathroom and upload their videos on Youtube.

In a recent episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen invited the pinay singing duo to guest on her show.

“Recently, I found these two singers on the internet. These two girls are singing in the bathroom. So they are fantastic. If you are watching right now, please, please come on the show if you are watching. We have a wonderful bathroom here… But seriously, you are great. So please, please come on the show if you would like to,” Ellen said.

Rin or Erin Paula is 20 years old and pure Filipino while Rox or Roxanne, 21, is half-pinoy half-white. They are both based in California, USA.

They mentioned in their YouTube channel “hiphoprox” that they are proud to be Filipinos.