Miyerkules, Abril 22, 2009

How painful can it get...

Pain. Abstract. by Nellie Vin

How painful can it get. When you have fallen, bruised and wounded. When your torn, confused and at a loss of what to do, how frustating can it be..
The world is a mystery never fathomed. There are realities in life that naturally can inflict pain. Sometimes the person you thought closest to you can even cause disraught and can probably teach you the best of what the experience can offer but then again it may also leave you helpless and frustated. Nah... life has its ironies and youl'll probably spend the entire part of your life trying to understand it but that's just life, it's meant not to be understood but to be lived.
You will learn that eventually in life you will face the knife that will cut you bleeding, it may be the worst that will give you your most unbearable pain ... but how painful can it get??? when you'll get to realize that you need to live with it...