Sabado, Abril 18, 2009


Elaina: professional telephone manner... by alexharries

The ability to converse well is an important asset. Being able to talk eloquently in a pleasant and intelligent manner to people gives one an opportunity for friendship and chances for success in one’s life. The telephone is a part of modernization. Learn to use it properly in accordance to your advantage. In carrying a telephone conversation we should remember that our voice is the only thing that creates an impression to the recipient of our message. That is why we should do our best to make the conversation be as pleasant and as courteous as possible.

Rules to observe when using the telephone:

  1. Greet the one you are calling.
  2. The caller should identify his self/ her self first.
  3. Modulate your voice and be articulate.
  4. If you are receiving a call in the unit the best way to answer is; “Thank you for calling East Wing, this is Ms Gelito speaking how may I help you?
  5. When you are the one making a call the best way to say is; “Good morning, this is Ms Gelito, can I talk to Ms Agustin?”
  6. When a strange voice answers your call and asks; “Who’s calling please?” Give your name at once and never hang up the phone. It is only proper to for you to identify yourself. There is no reason to hide your identity if your call is a legitimate one.
  7. Don’t slam the phone down when you hung up. Put the telephone down gently. The sudden sharp bang can be quite deafening to the person who might still have the phone close to his hear.
  8. Don’t stay too long talking to someone over the phone. Remember that telephones in the nurses’ station are for emergency use only.