Biyernes, Abril 10, 2009


As a full blooded sons of Adam, you may probably know plenty about sex. Unfortunately--and I am not judging anybody here--you're probably misinformed about some of the things you think you know so well. Faulty information about sex is everywhere: on the streets, in the bedrooms, on your local bus station, in your kitchen, libraries? nyyyaaahh!!! name it and you've got it. So, before you get into big trouble about that small thingy between your legs, you better start educating yourself about a thing so vital for each one of us SEX HEALTH. Immediately, start making yourself aware of the common myths we believe about sex and replace them with the real deal.

Just like this one very common myth most of us probably believe. All you single guys out there, handle this; Bachelors are believed to have the most sex.
Hmmmmm... you bet!(not that Iam doing this coz I'm married already)But,The fantasy of single guys going out of the town and getting laid every night remains to be--a fantasy. In fact, according to statistics, the people having the most sex are monogamous couples. The majority of married men were reported to be engaging in sex two or three times a week or at least several times a month, while fewer than half of the single guys were getting it that regularly.

So, whats the big fuss? Single guys, stop worrying. Pathetic. While nobody recommends getting hitched just so you can have more nooky, neither should you avoid wedlock because you've heard it will be the end of your most precious and cherished sex life. And married guys,(ehem... that would be including me...) stop gloating--you still have to take the garbage out afterward.

Now this one will have to be for everybody. And I mean EVERYBODY. Male, Female, Gays and Lesbians practically of all ages. Good sexual health is easy to take for granted, but issues like erectile dysfunction, the inability to orgasm, and other sexual disorders affecting the mother and even to the baby inside mom's tummy- these are common issues but nonetheless are so sensitive.Proper and appropriate education about these concerns is not just a necessity but is very beneficial for everyone. is a very useful site practically made to answer practical questions concerning sex life and the likes. This site will be your day to day guide as it answers and corrects false beliefs about sex and it's related concerns. The practicability of this site is very obvious it's like having a doctor in your house to answer all your queries. Fascinating, ain't it?

So if you think you need to make some updating on this aspect of life - check the site and be ready to learn more -