Biyernes, Abril 24, 2009

when you need them - Boston Limousine Service

After a not so busy work in the hospital, I had the chance to check on my peers through facebook in the internet. It's so amazing indeed how a lot of people so far yet are able to exchange ideas, experiences and even pictures via the internet.

A friend of mine in California actually was bragging about the car he had just bought few weeks ago. I really didn't notice what kind of car he had bought I probably had it by intention because of envy, perhaps.

Shiela, used to be the only bachelorette among my friends in the US has finally decided to tie the knots. In fact she really prepared evidences of her wedding ceremony, jejeje...

And wow! really amazing... not the bride neither the groom - the wedding car!!! A limousine! very elegant and seemingly very expensive. I was amazed how wonderful the car is, that I'd die longing to have it. I even asked her where she borrowed the car, I'm quite sure she can"t afford it herself.

And I was right! She said it's a Boston Limousine! She said she had it rented in one of the sites she found in the internet. I see, when I browsed the site, indeed I was able to see a lot of Boston Limousines and not only they offer their Boston Limousine Service for wedding but for any other corporate functions as well... But really, how I wish I had one of those...