Miyerkules, Abril 8, 2009

THANK GOD FOR YAHOO ...Yahoo mail? Yahoo messenger? and etc...

Other than the fact that I think they started it all,. Everything now seems to be so easy. Mails can just keep on coming to your mail boxes without you even knowing. The world has become a smaller place for people in yahoo messenger and connections have never been so easy. In a snap, you can either talk by calling your friends computer or through internet chatting. Libraries can now be covered with webs as students go no longer to the dusty shelves of the city libraries (not to mention that most are not well equipped with textbooks)but would rather scroll on the list of websites for their assignments.

A wide array of information can now be obtain through the wide world of internet. Music? from lyrics to instrumentals? from singers to record producers? name it and you'll have it.

A cost effective way of mailing, to another cost effective way of researching... Yes. the internet had made almost everything easy for us. Happy surfing!