Huwebes, Hulyo 23, 2009

Satellite TV ... what it is all about.

My coming here to Abu Dhabi was quite a blessing, my mom who's been mocking me to wake me up every morning has been miles away, jejeje.. my bro in the US who keeps calling me up and kept bragging on what's new and what's hot have been quite so tame lately... or so I thought.
Kriiiiing... my mobile screamed, and wallah! Its my brother again. Amazingly he has been not so nosy on what I have been doing here, rather he kept on talking about Direct TV Promos and things about satellite TV. When I searched the net what I found was that these satellite television is a television delivered by means of communication satellite and is reveived by a satellite dish and a set-top box. I also learned that in many areas of the world these satellite televisions are able to provide a wide range of channels and services, often to areas that are not serviced by terrestrial or cable providers.

Really now, how advance can some other places get. My brother was even thankful that he was able to see this Satellite TV deals flashed in the screen of his televison, in fact he is way too excited to grab one of his own now. Yeah, that's my bro he never changes. but considering the advantages my bro cited when he talked about this satellite tv, hmmmm I think, it's worth a try.