Martes, Setyembre 30, 2008

...POETS' corner

Betrayed in Love

Since long, had an enchanting dream.
Flowing through, is an azure love stream,
Across an enigmatic green land,
Goddess of love beside me, holding my hand.

Below god’s vastness of serene blue sky,
In shouts of silent love, only her and I .
I’d see her, she’d see me,
In each others arms we’d be.
Could a man ask more from thee?!

Something told me you were the one,
From heaven the goddess had come!
The one for whom I pine!
Someone so pure, so divine!


the enigmatic greenery died out.
The azure running stream dried out.
The blue sky turned to black,
It seemed there was a love lack!

I realized my instinct had gone wrong!
But how come it took me so very long?
Thing had now completely turned,
Till eternity never to love I had learned.

If u couldn’t fulfill my need,
Then why did u sow the love seed?
Went away you changed your lane!
And left me all alone to cry with this pain…