Linggo, Oktubre 19, 2008

How to Prevent Longterm Boredom

# Make yourself interesting to others. You'll make yourself interesting to yourself, in the process. This can be accomplished by avoiding sitting around playing one video game over and over (which limits the topics you can talk about with others) or sitting in your room staring. Read books or articles on the internet. Watch the History Channel, or a special on the Discovery Network. See a movie. DO something. # Get a job. # Take an extra class at school or college, and actually learn the subject.
# Write down things you want to achieve over the longterm. For example: Improve my fitness and body, Get involved and good at a sport, Acquire wealth, Make myself smarter, Create a popular website....there are many things. Plan how best you can achieve these goals (use wikiHow to get started). Make a list of everything you have to do, and all the things you will need to do it. Then, take one step at a time toward your goal. If you want to become proficient in a certain sport, pay attention to your eating habits, technique, and so on. # Find new friends. # Plan great altruistic endeavors which will also allow you to experience different places, cultures and people, like working in a foreign country for a while.
# Look in the wikiHow sport section for things to learn that interest you and keep practicing. # Become good at something else: Painting, singing, playing an instrument, etc. # If you're bored online and use the computer a lot, bookmark funny, interesting or strange websites to visit later when you are really bored.