Linggo, Mayo 17, 2009

Malou's dilemma ...

Used to be when I was still a medical representative I often have a difficult time making my booth presentable every time there are round table discussions, lectures, seminars and conferences. I have innovate and be resourceful, aside from thinking all the pressures I get every time I think of my sales quota I get to be pressured with things like this.

My friend Malou who used to be in the same company where I used to be working is now based in the US. We talked of different things we used to be doing when we were still in the same company. She said she is still working in the pharmaceutical industry as of now. And guess what, a great relief in her work! She was able to encounter this site in the net -> . She said this has helped her a lot in her work. Everytime there are conventions and the likes she always can depend on them of the thing she need like pipes and drapes for her booth, banner stands for every product for promotion and even table skirts . It's like unloading on them some tasks which are equally important in your job and making your self more focused on some other important thing. It's really a relief!!!

Malou even recommended the site to some of her friends who needed to arrange for trade show booths . Well, anyway Im honestly happy for my friend now. Goodluck Malou!!! I'm hoping to see you again soon, probably in the other part of the globe. Love yah!