Sabado, Pebrero 14, 2009

THE AFTERMATH (ug sa dihang nahuman mi ug pagpaka ulaw!!!!)

These are just 2 of the pix which were taken after we had a sing and dance presentation at the 2nd anniversary of the MINDANAO HEART CENTER. Karen,Karissa and me sang 3 upbeat songs with dancers(paul,yam,melody,divine,el el of ccu*,a new found friend, annie batungbakel,jepoy and 3 of my new trainees in the unit' i forgot their names!!!!!) behind us.

This has got be one wackow day of my life, and thinking it was done in the mid day of the valentines day!wooaah! Thank GOD annie brought 1 bottle of tequila, strong enough to make me numb before the presentation! Not to mention that all consultants are there to see us do all the crazy things that we have to do. All in the name of mindanao heart center.

Anyways, everything's over now, and strangely they seem to like it. They should I think, as it took me a great deal of courage to sing and dance in front of them all. Yeah, today is really one hell of a day.

Till then, mwuaah!


Jarlin ayon kay ...

Hope you had a good time...Enjoy