Sabado, Pebrero 14, 2009

How to be a happy Nurse

Nurses will learn to do their job happily and competently under less stress.

The competency / happiness will lead to improved patient care and safety, advancement in career, prevent illness caused by stress, increase enrollment in Nursing programs and subsequently staffing, preveny early exit of Nurses to other Professions

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
You will avoid being unhappy and increase your competency if you understand the Psychology of working with the Patient, Doctor and other Specialties
Accept that the Nurse is the Link from the patient to all other providers
Get to work 15 minutes earlier, read the notes of all specialties since you left or as far back as you can be familiar with the Patient's condition.
Check your patient before the shift who gave you report leaves ; make walking round with the outgoing Nurse
Check lab results and other result pertaining to Patients diagnosis e.g Blood sugar, drainage amount, EKg, Monitor strips and act immediately for any abnormals
Visit with friends and family on your days off, eat right, exercise, do something relaxing, join a social group.

Tips & Warnings

* Double check medications as taught in school, follow the 5Rs, right patient, right medication, right time, right route, right dose
* Always use the resources you have to avoid the Doctor getting angry with you, discuss with a more experience nurse to guide you about what the Doctor may ask you, e.g, lab values/results, medication list, vital signs.
* Always carry a notebook with you when on duty, to make notes when chart is not available
* Never take it personal or cry when a Doctor yells at you.
* Never give a medication or injection prepared by another Nurse
* Never sign for a medication given by another Nurse.
* Write only what happens on your shift, not what anyone told you happened


Jarlin ayon kay ...

This is amazing. I can sense the professional touch in this post while reading.

I have lot of respect in Nursing Profession. Keep up your good work and share your experience.