Miyerkules, Pebrero 18, 2009

Could There Really Be A Batman vs Superman?

Picture this: Batman and Superman get lost in the mountains while fighting some villain and, in the process, wind up falling in love with one another. Upon realizing that superheroes are not allowed to be gay, they become bitter little men and fight to the death. Okay, so maybe that's not going to happen, however a Batman vs Superman script has been written and director Wolfgang Petersen is now saying he may be into making it. Like, totally!

Awhile back, a script was written by Andrew Kevin Walker (Se7en) and Petersen was attached to direct. But, before the studio could go all Alien vs Predator on our beloved caped crusaders of steel, the decision was made to shelf the project and take a chance with some new solo films instead. Well, now that Batman Begins totally rocked and Superman Returns is kind of looking like it's going to (crosses fingers) kick ass, inquiring minds want to know if Petersen is still interested in pissing the entire universe off by pitting these two against each other in one film.

IESB recently asked Petersen that very question and, while he admits the project has been collecting dust for some time now, he says that he might just do it...but not now. And about that script, well, it sounds pretty cool. The story is said to focus on an older, semi-retired Bruce Wayne who's trying to move on with his life after losing Robin five years earlier. Just as he's about to get married, the Joker pops back up and kills the woman he loves. This causes Batman to go all nutty and seek revenge, but when Superman questions the caped crusader's motives, the two clash - to the delight of Lex Luthor, who planned the entire thing. Eh, I think they should stay solo. You?