Miyerkules, Pebrero 18, 2009

LYCANS - mystical creatures from "THE UNDERWORLD."

Lycans are creatures simialr to werebeasts, with one expection..they have only 2 forms and
neither of them are human. Lycans appear to be normal everyday run of the mill animals
(including common house pets), but when they are angered they shape change into rather large
and very dangerous beasts forms of their normal selves. Lycans are fairly intelligent, less
than a human but damn smart for an animal. They can quickly learn to understand a language,
as well as communicate their wants and needs to someone they have been around long, and who's
intelligent enough to pick it up. Lycans are mostly harmless, atleast they look that way, in
their natural form and even behave exactly their other normal counterparts; but it's when
they are pissed off that their true nature is revealed that opinions of the animal will
rapidlly change. Lycans are still so similar to their normal kin that they become attached
and loyal to many people, if those people take care of and feed it and show it proper
affection, like a normal pet. Of course, once a Lycan's true nature is will
no longer be a normal pet, instead it will be one helluva pet.
The histroy of the Lycan isn't really known, but certain very high level magic-users that can
create life have been known to more than one of these creatures around their dwelling,
guarding it most likely.
There are 2 common types of Lycans; dogs and cats (domestic/house). Although there are other
types of Lycans, they are far far less common than the simple dog and cat variety, some of
these other Lycans include monkeys, lizards, birds, 'toy dragons', and rarest of the
rare...the BIG cats. There is also a super rare sub-type of Lycans, commonly called the
Battlycans. The Battlycans get their from the fact that they are perfect riding mounts, and
don't seem to mind it, though some are non-mountable. Of all the types, only large toy
dragons, large lizards, large dogs, large monkeys, and the big cats can ever be Battlycans.
Some Lycans ARE feral, and such do roam in wild packs. If there is a Battlycan in the group,
it will be the Alphalycan (if it's an adult). Wolf Lycan packs are known to be in the
Americas (plus monkeys and cats in south america).
Breeding: If 2 lycans breed, the litter will be all lycan. If a Battlycan breeds with
another, each baby has a 10% chance of being a Battlycan, but they will all be Lycans. If a
Lycan breeds with a normal animal (of it's same species) each baby has a 50% chance of being
a Lycan, if one is Lycan it has a 1% chance of being a Battlycan. If a Battlycan breeds with
a normal animal, each baby has a 75% chance of being a Lycan, and each Lycan baby has a 5%
chance of being a Battlycan.