Miyerkules, Abril 15, 2009

"TRAIN HARDER, RECOVER FASTER", sports oxygen - you're always one level up!

Being a nurse I have ofcourse the basic idea of how important oxygen is in our body. Certain conditions and significant physiological processes can occur with the lack and the over supply of oxygen in the body of various human being. Say... a person with COPD, should not be given higher concentrations of oxygen or else you'll get to alter their bodies motivation to breath.

Oxygen (O2) is one of the most important elements required to sustain life. Without it, our health begins to suffer and we die. Unhealthy or weak cells due to improper metabolism lose their natural immunity and are thus susceptible to viruses and lead the way to all kinds of serious health problems.

O2 not only gives us life but destroys also the harmful bacteria in our bodies without affecting the beneficial bacteria that we need. No antibiotic or drug can make that claim. I believe that God’s plan for mankind was for us to lead a physically productive life in a clean environment, following His dietary laws and not require drugs to remain healthy...our bodies would then receive the sustenance it needs.

Being a badminton player myself, I have had several attempts of increasing my endurance and stamina during a competition, some of which worked others ... nevermind. I did my research and I was fascinated by what I have learned. As what I have read in this site -> . According to experts, athletic performance is directly related to the concentrations of oxygen supplied to the muscles. The supply of oxygen depends on how fast the heart beats. There really is no argument... the more oxygen you get to the muscles (and the brain), the better they perform. During vigorous exercise the body demands a lot more energy. It gets this by breathing in deeper and faster and rushing the oxygen to the muscles in dilated blood vessels. Soon, a point is reached when the body cannot breathe any faster or harder, and aerobic respiration alone cannot meet the enhanced energy demands. At this point, your body begins to produce lactic acid, which accumulates in the muscles and causes muscle fatigue and cramps. To avoid damage to cells, lactic acid has to be broken down to carbon dioxide and water immediately after the exercise has finished. This is an oxidation reaction, and requires oxygen. This extra oxygen needed to neutralize the harmful effects of anaerobic respiration is called an "oxygen debt.". Whew! very academic...

Nonetheless the predicament of many athletes like me have been searched for a solution. This site -> basically talks about the existence (yes! it really is existing)of a canned oxygen. Brilliant!

sports oxygen is the solution for all the athletes dilemma of having great performances during competition. This is indeed a very scientific approach of solving this problem.
Increasing endurance and stamina,improving mental focus and clarity and dramatically reducing recovery time are just few of the many beneficial effects of sports oxygen in every performance of every athlete. For you great achievers out there. Check the site for your self.