Lunes, Abril 20, 2009

when to say - STOP !


Most of the people drink for a whole range of reasons, but the most common one of all is just to be social.(Oh, c'mon !) This usually starts around high school or university and continue on into adulthood as we continue to socialize with adults, but the real root reasons for continuing to drink alcohol may never be known to us.

Our drinking habits can be influenced greatly by depression and stress, as we drink to forget or to feel relaxed to a point that our happiness is dependent on the contents of a green bottle.

For majority of us it just becomes habit forming like drinking a coke in the morning or smoking a cigarette after meals; alcohol intake is just another daily action. Although these habits in moderation can be considered acceptable, it becomes an issue when the frequency of the habit gets out of control.

A real tell tale symptom about going out and drinking is when you can't enjoy yourself without a drink inside you. If this is your case it may the time to consider the possibility that your habit has turned into an addiction.

When you have to begin explaining your decisions to your family and friends it should just be sufficient enough to tell them that you just want to refrain from drinking. It is quite understandable that you may not want to announce this decision out loud to everyone in your life, so here are a few examples of good excuses you can give for not drinking.

I've got to drive later...I have an interview in the morning...I'm on medication...I'm just too full from dinner...My other half will kill me...I've still got some work to do tonight.

It really doesn't matter which reason you choose, the important thing is to not falter and not to be persuaded otherwise. If your buddy tries to bully you into just having one, then call it a night and find something else to do either on your own or with non drinkers.